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No. sentence
1 If you want to keep all of the data together then zip up all of the files into a new file with a new extension.
2 Some NIEM practitioners create more formal CMTs that have separate columns indicating the kind of extension, the base types and elements, and the level of semantic alignment.
3 You specify an extension point for each of your applications, so the workbench can correctly launch the perspective for your application.
4 If your extension is valid, its icon appears next to the address bar, and information about the extension appears in the extensions page, as the following screenshot shows.
5 He was shot with thirty nails, tied up with electrical wires and extension cords, rolled in an area rug, and bundled up. Toss him into an icy river, and we may as well call him Rasputin.
6 In addition to the predefined fields, you can add extra custom fields to the extension mappings by defining custom attributes on the mappings.
7 All of its attributes, even the most fundamental ones like extension and duration, are attributes as noted by an observer, real or imagined.
8 We will address the database scaling issues of SaaS applications using Hibernate Shards, which is an extension of Hibernate, and makes available the features of sharding to Hibernate users.
9 You should recognize the first part of the rule extension, because it is almost identical to the category extension previously shown.
10 Any extension converted to use keys is still in an environment with a mixture of key-aware and key-unsafe functions.
11 When you select an extension, the related description is displayed in the right pane.
12 Education, there are some very large universities of course but even the smaller colleges have the extension staff.
13 real focus of Yokohama Summit was an extension of the hot spots, i.e., currency liquidity and trade balance, on G20 Seoul Summit.
14 Google is not associated with things you pay for, and Android is an extension of that," said Mr. Hall of Larva Labs.
15 'll likely have one lock for all execution of extension methods, or one lock per extension that all extension methods in that extension share.
16 Other technologists, notably Raymond Kurzweil, have extolled the coming of ultrasmart machines, saying they will offer huge advances in life extension and wealth creation.
17 Digital signature files are binary files and have the same filename as the.sf file but a different extension.
18 subject is apropos, for it is in the above last far-flung extension of credit by individuals that the velocity factor is especially potent.
19 For convenience, the configuration information for all the hosts within the virtual network is Shared, making setup and extension of the configuration very easy.
20 Clip interesting information from webpages, take notes on it and email it to yourself with this versatile Firefox extension.
21 Either call this extension number 0085 or ask them to send the fax to you as E-mail, you print it out.
22 new extension contains four childrens groups, age 0-4.
23 Notice the difference between these interfaces and extension points.
24 Now this is only an example and using extension points for this concept is probably not the best approach.
25 This report is an extension of the low coverage report.
26 Add the lines in Listing 5 to ensure the extension is loaded and unloaded correctly.
27 This extension is required to allow tracing across ROLLBACK statements without losing what has been traced so far.
28 University of Illinois Extension service says you should harvest beans when the pods are firm and have reached their full length.
29 For those of who are passionate about these things, Jobs and, by extension, Apple have literally had no idea what we want, why we would want it or how to deliver it to us.
30 As the precision of our instruments improve, we should be able to learn some incredible information about the planet's atmosphere and composition, and, by extension, the nature of other solar systems.