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No. sentence
1 This time the teacher will not mark our English exercises for spelling and grammar, but she will be looking for pleasing expression.
2 The fully-grown fruit (to use a more delicate expression) should be soft, brown and with a specific aroma which it acquires only by ripening for a few weeks.
3 back on it, I can see how the statement looked ambivalent and a touch arrogant, but it was an honest expression of how I felt, as I began the first campaign since 1982 that I could have lost.
4 regular expression followed by + matches one or more occurrences of the regular expression.
5 She smiled, but my expression made her look away.
6 rule and type system changes discussed in the previous section must be applied to the XML rule and type system files in the installed version of the regular expression annotator PEAR.
7 Language is a means for the expression of thought.
8 is the uneducated vulgarity of expression at all.
9 He has to have some other expression for it.
10 What can you do with expression trees?
11 Its body is an expression.
12 I looked over to the family to watch their reaction, expecting some expression of outrage.
13 But what if they are endowed with expression, limbs or actions as human being?
14 you think should happen if I evaluate that expression?
15 The next question is how to do anything with the components of an expression.
16 In this example, the only difference between the two patterns is the guard expression, but that's enough for the compiler to differentiate them.
17 The sovereign is not the direct expression of my will or your will, but rather an abstraction from my natural desire to rule myself.
18 Another question is, how should the expression be negated?
19 Literally, return the control from this function, and take the value of the next expression, and return that as the value of the whole computation.
20 You can use any expression that you want as a value.
21 But what does the Boolean expression actually test for?
22 In fact, if you like, you can check names by regular expression or by other computation.
23 This expression selects all text nodes between the children of the element.
24 There the excitability and impatience of bondage was a reflection from its history into its literature. Its expression was consistent with its feeling.
25 The input value can be a simple expression or be a value computed by another node.
26 Its second job, once an expression has been deemed valid, is to break the input stream into its component pieces and deliver those to you in some useful fashion.
27 But it was clear from her expression that whatever group she thought I belonged to, it was at odds with her own.
28 they were together she would often take film and photos of him with their godchildren and friends' children, doubtless a subconscious expression of her desire to have children by him.
29 Think back to when you had time for creative expression.
30 An expression editor should come up.