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1 This article summarizes investigating of late years about this aspect in our country and other countries. It offers reference for exploitation and prospect of the egg shuck and membrane.
2 I doubt it, but we cannot be sure, because there are bound to be fields in other countries ripe for exploitation with the same technology.
3 This is the result not only of shameful exploitation, but ultimately of the sheer unavailability of public health care in many parts of India.
4 Finally, it is imagined as a community, because, regardless of the actual inequality and exploitation that may prevail in each, the nation is always conceived as a deep, horizontal comradeship.
5 Officials of several unions vow to strip this provision because it would create an underclass of workers more prone to exploitation and lower wages.
6 Community exploitation: the seeding and exploitation of community interaction in a value-net, leveraging the collapsing cost of reaching individuals and identifying common interests.
7 UPSD's 3d display can support the rapid exploitation of this data for detailed mission planning in rugged, mountainous and complex urban terrain.
8 As I noted in the code review section, one of the best means of understanding an application and its potential for exploitation is inspection of its source code.
9 He said Guyana hopes to improve the cooperation with China in the fields of trade, hydropower exploitation, and raw materials processing to further bilateral ties.
10 sell their produce at controlled prices in government mandis: marketplaces regulated by the state with the aim of protecting farmers from exploitation by unscrupulous traders.
11 This article incorporates all the tech talk; the next two articles will focus on the business; first, for the initial services and then for the maintenance and exploitation of those services.
12 The company develops and manufactures spacecraft, advanced instruments, and sensors, components, data exploitation systems and RF solutions for strategic, tactical and scientific applications.
13 But for China, it is central to the claim that it operates differently in Africa from other great powers and in a way that avoids exploitation.
14 I think we would do well not to underestimate the difficulties" involved in any exploitation of the high north's natural resources, Stubholt told Thomson Financial News in a telephone interview.
15 this way, this pattern represents not so much a deployment of new technology as the exploitation of technology and applications that already exist.
16 However, only 20 of the 127 sites are proposed to be highly protected "reference" sites where any exploitation or damage by industry will be banned.
17 protesters are angry at what they see as the exploitation of Bolivia natural resources by foreign companies and governments.
18 This is called exploitation," said Fei-Ling Wang, a Georgia Tech professor who has studied Huaxi as part of research into Jiangsu Province villages.
19 Mizugochi is typically sympathetic towards the women of Dreamland, but finds their profession unpleasant and considers their employers to be little more than exploitation merchants.
20 It is a form of institutionalised exploitation that, like bullying in public schools, is handed down between generations.
21 Though he longed for the masses of India to “emerge victorious” in a society without caste, class or exploitation, Mr Basu was above all a pragmatist.
22 Most were small, domestically oriented firms that combined low cost, low quality and exploitation of workers, says Mr Hassenfeld.
23 Wugang, together with the Wuhan University of Science and technology, succeeded in developing technology that makes largescale exploitation possible this year.
24 This did not constitute American exploitation, as the Reds bellow.
25 If bluefin tuna and other species are managed properly, their exploitation can help ensure their preservation, rather than hasten their extinction.
26 Sustained exploitation of Panxi region's mineral resources of nonferrous metals, active and steadily developing Sichuan heavy nonferrous metals industry;
27 Marx and Engels point out however that capitalism creates classes among the citizens, and leads to the oppression and exploitation of the lower classes.
28 But as the exotically beautiful Neytiri teaches Jake about the Na 'vi and their connection to their world, he becomes convinced that the exploitation by his fellow humans must be stopped.
29 In short, after centuries of oppression and exploitation, the slave masters were supposed to be further rewarded by a handsome sum mulcted by force from the mass of innocent taxpayers!
30 Yali Stone has been at natural quarry exploitation and granites international trade more than ten years.