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No. sentence
1 essential component for all of these actions (stated explicitly in the last one) is the ability and the authority to make decisions.
2 By contrast, Dali has never explicitly claimed to be utopia—but this low-key lack of self-promotion is the very reason many fans find it a paradise.
3 For one thing, missing data is not explicitly indicated, but is simply marked by an absent line and time stamp.
4 GRUB 2's modular nature means that you can explicitly load modules to support various features.
5 You have to grant us control explicitly.
6 These objects are defined as implicit because you do not have to explicitly declare them.
7 If you had existing diagrams, or if you do not explicitly work with layers, all of the shapes on the diagram are placed on the default layer.
8 Such result sets can be regarded as "views" that are not explicitly created in the database but are created on the fly by the stored procedure.
9 AOP or Aspect Oriented Programming allows developers to "weave" code fragments through their object and methods without explicitly placing the code in the class's source.
10 That's not what we intended at all, and if it were, we would have simply cast to the bound explicitly.
11 One way around this problem would be for the Fed explicitly to state its tolerance of inflation above 2%.
12 The school should explicitly point out the dark side of junk food so that the students can understand why they should not eat it, instead of restricting them.
13 explicitly stated, of course; everything is couched in terms of “theft” and “international law”and so on.
14 Event emission is therefore disabled by default, and so those events that business analysts and executives want to watch must be explicitly enabled.
15 This is explicitly discussed separately because of the complexity of the issues involved.
16 The use of a default namespace avoids the need to explicitly prefix names from that namespace.
17 This avoids specifying the directory explicitly, as shown in Listing 4.
18 There is no need to explicitly specify a calling convention for exporting classes or their methods.
19 So we can just explicitly calculate the entropy of mixing.
20 If at any time a resource acquires the right property with a value of the right class, it automatically becomes a member of this virtual class, without needing to be explicitly stated as such.
21 Since we explicitly spliced the new variables into the existing syntax object, there is no chance for them to be renamed.
22 And I want to get at that question of embarrassment, because it comes up very explicitly on page 36.
23 Therefore, you need to include these in your source files explicitly.
24 We can improve the efficiency and quality of systems by capturing these transformations explicitly and reusing them consistently across solutions.
25 Therefore you have to explicitly request this data.
26 Specifying one or more file names as arguments explicitly adds those files to the list of files that are being tracked by Mercurial.
27 WSFL requires that you explicitly specify these roles as part of the process implementation.
28 The JMS client can optionally control this transaction explicitly, such as to coordinate receiving a message from one queue with sending a message on another queue in the same messaging system.
29 Similarly, while China is enjoined, implicitly or explicitly, to embrace 'Western values', this merits further reflection.
30 Instead, their two BASIS schools, one in Tucson and this one in suburban Phoenix, explicitly compete with the best schools in the world-south Korea's in maths, say, or Finland's in classics.