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explicitly in a sentence

1. and others not explicitly named.

2. are explicitly unacceptable.

3. The epact does not explicitly appear.

4. Explicitly excluded is India.

5. RC is explicitly victim-sensitive.

6. Explicitly: etc.

7. denoted explicitly with Mw 

8. This group cannot be set explicitly;

9. More explicitly, let.

10. he explicitly cites work of Lagrange.

11. no one did so explicitly.

12. Hatherton rejected this explicitly.

13. No reason is explicitly put forth;

14. The name may refer explicitly to:

15. Explicitly Intense.

16. Twain more explicitly refers to Mrs.

17. It needs to be specified explicitly.

18. Explicitly in matrix form: where.

19. these are explicitly noted as such.

20. the system was not explicitly named.

21. This is explicitly allowed.

22. More explicitly.

23. Hodson explicitly agreed to this.

24. Explicitly, we have.

25. More explicitly, since.

26. They are given explicitly by.

27. and explicitly named as such.

28. RC is explicitly victim-sensitive.

29. You haven't explicitly rejected her.

30. Eunuchs were explicitly barred.