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No. sentence
1 He found himself perpending it as an experiment in realism.
2 He crystallized salt as part of his experiment.
3 I suggest an experiment.
4 be sure, the Japanese currency could also lose steam, undermining the strong-yen experiment.
5 They were toiling at their experiment.
6 You can override all the parameters on the command line, if you want to experiment with the net to discover how it does with various options — each run might take a while, though.
7 We have never doubted of the success of our experiment.
8 We strongly encourage designers to break out of the usual boxed layout conventions, experiment with new approaches and risk crazy ideas.
9 classical music detentions at West Park School are only the latest experiment in using and abusing some of humanity's greatest cultural achievements to reprimand youth.
10 How would we behave in this kind of thought experiment?
11 You can experiment with the tags or create a more complex layout to suit your need.
12 Infants discover their hands, turning them this way and that, mouth their fists, and experiment with clasping and unclasping fingers.
13 Here's a neat experiment: Find an open doorway and stand inside it, facing into the room.
14 Despite numerous failures, they continued to conduct the experiment without flagging.
15 This experiment has been repeated several times in our laboratory.
16 Finally he succeeded in his experiment.
17 Only in this way can the experiment succeed.
18 The experiment confirmed my theory.
19 How you'll do this is another mystery, though, as there is going to be no communication between the two of you during the experiment.
20 way that you do that is, you do an experiment.
21 An experiment into connecting the Web with language.
22 But Brazil is in the middle of an experiment.
23 If Anna was human, this experiment would not be possible.
24 Experiment and calculation cannot do all its work.
25 That was the point of the experiment, after all.
26 So then we get to this famous thought experiment.
27 This will be an interesting experiment.
28 He is more convinced than ever that his experiment worked and detected life on Mars.
29 The above is only a thought experiment. Just thinking about your day, what will the early morning be like?
30 In one experiment, participants either drank five cups of water (about 750 milliliters), or took small sips of water from five separate cups.