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No. sentence
1 In my experience, some people think about you, which is nice.
2 Some phones will even recognize links that have native apps and open the necessary app to give you the best experience possible on your device.
3 Based on years of experience of designing high quality phones, Samsung mobile phones employ an internal antenna design technology that optimizes reception quality for any type of hand-grip use.
4 Shanghai now is the place where people flock to for business, vacation and to gain an "experience".
5 I think we forget this because security is the basis for us being able to experience all those other wonderful things.
6 I have just switched to the profession of a teacher and quite lack experience in teaching work.
7 This would allow customers using multiple tools built by different parts of IBM to have a more integrated experience as they switched from one tool to another.
8 The company claims it has used experience gained in fields such as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology and particle physics to have created the new blade.
9 What highlights and pitfalls did you experience at the beginning of your professional career (as far as you can remember)?
10 Chris: That must have been an awful experience for the little girl.
11 Several of his followers have described their first encounter with the al Qaeda leader as an intense spiritual experience, explaining their feelings for him as love.
12 In some things we can trust to our experience.
13 His extensive experience in other parts of Asia helped him to overcome cultural barriers.
14 Have an experience instead of giving material goods: do something fun together, go to the beach or a lake.
15 I have no personal experience with the product.
16 I know this by experience.
17 I wish I could remember. Something about love is always wonderful. Love is a beautiful experience.
18 Free technical support is often available in the form of mailing list or newsgroup discussions; nevertheless some background research, knowledge or experience is often required.
19 My sister, in turn, would be amazed with both the depth and excitement of my experience, as well as my modesty in thinking of the stories as nothing special.
20 From what we're hearing, HP wants to create a seamless experience for all of their hardware.
21 It's within my experience.
22 In a nutshell, authoring and delivering content using topics and information types is a skill that takes time and experience to learn how to apply to content.
23 nutshell, a good user experience is essential.
24 However, you can imagine the improvement in user experience it makes to retrieve the results from each engine simultaneously, instead of doing it one search engine at a time.
25 People think you have to travel around the world, experience new things, etc to find what you love to do. No. You just have to sit down and decide.
26 And last but not least, take a romantic, relaxing gondola ride through the canals at night. You can then truly experience the charm of Venice.
27 My experience of meditation is that it creates islands of stillness.
28 Where can I experience all these things again? When can I come back to Dali, Haba, and the small Yi village again?
29 The young boy had no experience beyond school training.
30 The stifling, chaotic maze of Dakar might be too much for some, but those who brave the humidity and mosquitoes will walk away with a truly unforgettable experience.