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No. sentence
1 This, however, comes at the expense of increased performance overhead.
2 If we don't change it, however, marketing will continue to have productivity problems that will ultimately be more than twice the cost of the increased expense for sales.
3 The first hired an outside consulting firm, at some expense, to assess the efficiency of their development process.
4 She protested about the expense.
5 Once your professor has it, he or she owns it and can save it or, in the worst case, forward it onto colleagues for a good laugh—at your expense.
6 Don't stress minor issues at the expense of the central task.
7 expense necessary for handling the entrusted affair advanced by the agent shall be repaid with interest by the principal.
8 Her husband balked at the expense of the plans she had made.
9 At each of these stages, the expense report may be bounced back to the employee or the employee's manager.
10 No wonder, then, that firms are determined to reduce the expense of producing oil at sea, in the North sea and elsewhere.
11 Now he's using that information to satisfy his sadistic tendencies at the expense of that hapless willow.
12 But they are not worried about the expense - it is likely to be because they believe their date should pay for the pleasure of being with them, according to researchers at St Andrews University.
13 This turnaround seems to have come at the expense of those who describe themselves as being without religion.
14 food's a major expense. So a lot of shoppers try to keep a mental tally of what they toss into the cart as they go along.
15 My legendary friend has recommended me to the lent to blend our weekends with suspension of less expense.
16 We were wined and dined at the firm's expense.
17 Natural style, however, should not be conquered at the expense of fidelity.
18 reduces the expense and complexity of internationalizing information for display because users simply apply the generic XSLT style sheet to a new situation by providing a new dictionary.
19 advantage of this approach is you only incur the expense of obtaining the value when and if you need it.
20 He then brusquely lectured her that she was "going to be in some serious trouble" and could be charged for the expense of a manhunt if she didn't cooperate.
21 The article says that this could be because women can 'better appreciate the thought and expense' that goes into buying and wrapping chocolates than the uncouth men who Wolf them down.
22 Make sure that if you laughing at someone or some thing's expense that you are "appropriately" inappropriate for the crowd in front of which it will be performed.
23 Consider the process of approving and paying an electronic expense report.
24 The SEC accused the firms of conspiring to fix artificially wide "spreads" between "bid" and "ask" prices in the market for small stocks at the expense of individual investors.
25 I would like to pay for the relevant expense by cash or credit card.
26 However, this comes at the expense of releasing all your personal information to parents should they (or their child) ever want to contact you.
27 The improvements in expressiveness and structure might allow us to keep systems running longer, and to incrementally improve them without incurring the expense of a complete rewrite.
28 Heads can be replaced but the challenge and the additional cost and expense of doing these inspections is very very great.
29 Deciding to get married is the easy part -at least, compared with the expense and effort that shopping for the engagement ring entails.
30 Some people say they use it to help with their expense tracking on business travels.