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No. sentence
1 Doctors diagnosed depression when she was 12 and by 14 she was expelled and pronounced ineducable.
2 They wriggled around in the sediments of shallow seas, gulped prey into their minuscule, baglike bodies and expelled the water through cone-shaped spouts around their mouths.
3 Feeling the mouth allows you to better comprehend how your lips should form when speaking and how much pressure should be expelled from the mouth when speaking.
4 According gto the Global Times, seven students in Hubei Province were allegedly expelled last year for tearing up textbooks and flinging them out of the school's windows.
5 Libyan diplomats in most European Union capitals have either been expelled or have defected to the rebels.
6 overpopulation and land scarcity, successive governments have forcibly repatriated the refugees: 250,000 were expelled between 1991 and 1992, and almost as many since.
7 Spain has expelled two members of Russia's diplomatic staff in Madrid, and says Moscow has responded by expelling two Spanish diplomats.
8 least, Mr Bashir should be pressed to let the 2, 000 or so Sudanese nationals who worked for the expelled aid agencies be re-employed by the smaller NGOs that remain.
9 Formal education didn't suit him; the wild, noisy boy couldn't bear to be hemmed in with rules or bounds, and had been expelled from King's Canterbury for holding hands with a greengrocer's daughter.
10 designer was expelled from the Chambre Syndicale — the monitoring body of Haute Couture in Paris — for launching a ready-to-wear collection in 1959, but was soon reinstated.
11 If sticky phlegm in the sinuses and lungs could be made watery, it will be wafted upward in a natural way, and soon expelled with much less coughing.
12 cores of these stars collapse, leading to a violent supernova explosion where the outer layers of the star are expelled into space.
13 they knew what was happening, the Rebellion had been successfully carried through; Jones was expelled, and the Manor Farm was theirs.
14 troop surge, and new tactics of holding areas after insurgents were expelled, brought a measure of calm to parts of Baghdad and other areas of Iraq.
15 IF found guilty, they could be expelled from FIFA and banned from all football activity.
16 To make himself the one trusted friend, to whom should be confided all the fear, the remorse, the agony, the ineffectual repentance, the backward rush of sinful thoughts, expelled in vain!
17 When complaints arise, Hoffer says, members are reprimanded or expelled.
18 It rewrites the Fall of Man — instead of being expelled from Paradise, the disobedient, curious heroine seeks redemption by journeying to the desolate Land of the Dead.
19 school in Kuwait, for instance, abruptly expelled a ten-year-old Egyptian child who had innocently asked why there was no revolution in the emirate.
20 So he was expelled from the expedition.
21 Data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory show material that was expelled by the dying star being heated by the pulsar's high-energy winds (blue).
22 preventing transmission from each worm by treatment, cleaning and bandaging regularly the affected skin-area until the worm is completely expelled from the body;
23 John has always been a trouble maker at school but when he set fire to someone's locker, it was the last straw and he was expelled.
24 Reporters were expelled from the courtroom after it was decided that their coverage had resulted in prejudicial publicity for the defendant.
25 Still, the mainstream media — expelled, imprisoned, vilified — is missed.
26 Traficant, a defiantly unkempt Congressman elected nine times by Ohio's 17th district, was expelled from the House in 2002 after being convicted of bribery, racketeering and tax evasion.
27 Spitzer's infrared array camera detected this material expelled from the withering star.
28 Early on, he expelled the Italian community, forcing its members to exhume the bodies of Italians from Libyan graveyards to take home.
29 Bolivia's President, Evo Morales, expelled an American diplomat whom he accused of conspiring to infiltrate the state oil company on behalf of the CIA.
30 Aid workers are likewise already being harassed, expelled and even killed.