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1 While honeymooning in Europe after his marriage to Millicent Wilson in 1903, he expanded his publishing empire with Motor Magazine.
2 she expanded her operations significantly.
3 I think we could make some estimation of its significance if we juxtapose it with Comus since the Mask attempts to tackle, in a much more expanded form, so many of the same issues.
4 As the universe expanded and cooled, some of these particles merged to form neutrons and protons.
5 His chest heaved once, as if his large heart, weary of despotic constriction, had expanded, despite the will, and made a vigorous bound for the attainment of liberty.
6 In Britain pleasure piers grew from every nook of the coast just as the Empire expanded, and the blare of military bands along their decks echoed the triumphal march of colonisers overseas.
7 Once it cools down, the new, stronger plastic retains its expanded shape, and will accommodate anything from a Turkey to a new CD to a Sea Knight Navy helicopter.
8 Each hose can be expanded and contracted independently. Doing so in sequence along the length of the torus generates forward motion.
9 By 2045, Kurzweil says, we will have expanded the capacity for intelligence of our civilization -comprised by that stage of both software and people -one billion fold.
10 By 2045, Kurzweil says, we will have expanded the capacity for intelligence of our civilization - comprised by that stage of both software and people - one billion fold.
11 Of course, copyright has also been expanded to protect software, which is yet another (albeit rather unique) form of authorship.
12 However, the request can be expanded to cover any type of request for work.
13 As Britain traded more, extending its reach to the Americas and Asia, London, then other cities, expanded.
14 Industry groups have also expanded their lobbying efforts.
15 So, what if we expanded the range of problems presented to our students, requiring them to reason about problems in such a way that they might recognize when a concurrent solution is appropriate?
16 The sports complex cuts a striking presence with the dramatic geometry of its expanded mesh cladding, drawing gazes of intrigue and defining a memorable landmark within the campus.
17 also cited the nation's new electoral system in which constituencies have been expanded and have multiple seats.
18 This index is not designed for looks; however, it is easy to see how this simple page could be expanded to display the software titles in any fashion.
19 Both sides have witnessed increasingly active exchanges at all level, steadily expanded cooperation areas, richer connotation of bilateral relations and deepened traditional friendship.
20 Then, somehow, this view expanded outward, try as I might to contain it, and it grew like a thing out of control to encompass the birds, pigs, cows.
21 The expanded programme on immunization, a legacy of smallpox eradication, was a success story, but coverage had reached a stubborn plateau.
22 By age four, most children have moved beyond the identity of "my mother's or my father's child" to an expanded individual identify concerning others in their immediate world.
23 The ban will be expanded each year and by 2012 production and importing of all incandescent bulbs will be prohibited.
24 Describe the new and expanded comfort zone this places you in.
25 Under your leadership, the achievements of this region have again expanded the health agenda.
26 All business items have a name and description, and can be expanded to include key attributes that are important to understanding the content of that business item.
27 The alias is expanded from what you type to its expansion.
28 She expanded to London, then to Paris, then to New york-and from there to almost every other major city in the world.
29 And, like many good ideas that stand the test of time, these languages have expanded to support many other goals.
30 Each of the folders can be further expanded to view an enumeration of the contained database objects.