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No. sentence
1 The former premier was quick to speak out from his self-imposed exile in Dubai, congratulating his sister on her victory and hailing the results as a vote for "change in a peaceful manner".
2 The former premier was quick to speak out from his self-imposed exile in Dubai, congratulating his sister on her victory and hailing the results as a vote for “change in a peaceful manner”.
3 He believed he would never return to Russia after his exile, but in 1994 was welcomed back to the post-Soviet state.
4 Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, writer and activist who founded the Unified Buddhist Church in France, and Plum Village, a Buddhist community in exile.
5 During his exile in Switzerland, Christophe went through an unhappy love affair with Anna, the wife of a friend, and the consequent sense of guilt temporarily stilled his genius.
6 Zia may reckon he could resuscitate the party if he returned from exile.
7 Nobody was excited about the appointment: the Duke and Duchess considered it another form of exile while Queen Elizabeth attempted to quash the appointment on account of the Duchess.
8 He stayed there until Vladimir Putin replaced him, and sent him more or less into exile to be the ambassador to Ukraine.
9 She relentlessly tracks them down to their abodes of exile in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Beirut, Damascus and London.
10 He has spent most of his life in exile in Switzerland, but put in a stint as a chicken farmer in Britain.
11 The opposition she joined was tiny, mostly confined to a few parishes in the Protestant church, heavily infiltrated by the Stasi and weakened by the systematic exile of its leaders to the West.
12 they distil the Palestinian experience of exile into something real.
13 Supporters of the prime minister he deposed, Nawaz Sharif, were already angered by General Musharraf's apparently illegal deportation of Mr Sharif when he tried to return from exile in September.
14 After he busted out of the scene of his first exile, Elba, it took the Duke of Wellington, Marshal Blucher and a lot of troops at Waterloo to put him out of business once and for all.
15 I believe in the possibility of surprising joy, of serenity through pain, of homecoming through exile.
16 imagination can add many others, inseparable from time and exile, who likewise know how to live in harmony with a universe without future and without weakness.
17 Others guess that, once cornered, Mr Gbagbo will opt for exile in a friendly country beyond the reach of the International Criminal Court at the Hague, which already has its eyes on him.
18 Originally used as an outpost to keep an eye on Napoleon in exile, Ascension Island, between South America and Africa, was a busy Atlantic waystation in Darwin's day.
19 Among them are nearly six million refugees who have been in exile, mostly in camps, for five years or longer in what humanitarians call "protracted refugee situations".
20 His security apparatus has beaten and arrested thousands, tried scores of dissidents in kangaroo courts, hounded others into exile, throttled the press and jammed the airwaves.
21 was no direct mention of any politicians, some of whom had formed the king into exile and were now sitting in the front row, applauding warmly.
22 Targutai has usurped the tribe of Borjigin and named himself Khan, whilst Temujin, the rightful Khan of Borjigin , is in exile.
23 Through the exile, the wandering and the angst, he created the Divine Comedy — divided into Hell, Purgatory and Paradise — a poem many consider the greatest ever written.
24 former prime minister, back in Pakistan after eight years in exile because of corruption charges, Miss Bhutto has won sympathy across pakistan-and beyond.
25 more ironical: it is this "exile" who later took leadership in the newborn postcolonial government that asked the director to make this movie.
26 exile in Mexico after this Fidel Castro organised other Cuban exiles and trained them in mountain warfare.
27 former Rwandan army chief living in exile in South Africa survived a second assassination attempt this year, and British police have warned Rwandan dissidents in London that they might be at risk.
28 Jewishness explained everything: his love of texts, his instinctive empathy with themes of blame and persecution, his sense of exile.
29 It was I who helped the Prime Evils mastermind their own exile to your world.
30 This is a vision of exile as comedy rather than despair.