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No. sentence
1 Our teacher richly exemplified the use of these words.
2 Mungiu's 2007 Palmed 'or winner is a touchstone of the Romanian New Wave, a stark wonder of a film exemplified by visual precision, a bracingly clear-eyed script and glacial detachment.
3 Finally, it is exemplified that PAITQM has good standard compliance and can effectively improve the standardization level and work efficiency of TQM in automotive supply chain enterprises.
4 But even this is not exemplified here, and the only principle that is illustrated here is "the principle of genetic continuity".
5 These systems are right on the boundary between stable, orderly behaviour - such as a swinging pendulum - and the unpredictable world of chaos, as exemplified by turbulence.
6 He sees a spirit of jugaar, or muddling through, all over the place, exemplified by cars, cows, rickshaws and other traffic meeting at an unmanned crossroads.
7 Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, who now runs the Centre for Social Justice said it "exemplified the point we have been making about broken Britain".
8 A second potential approach is the family of firms, exemplified by Allianz, a German insurer, and the Bank of New York Mellon.
9 The king, who exemplified both, leapt to their defence.
10 most famous statue in Japan is arguably one of a dog, Hachiko, who exemplified loyalty, perseverance and duty.
11 People of different nations even initiate wars to obtain more oil fields, an activity which can be best exemplified by the complicated scenario in the Middle East.
12 Many papers have begun running ads on their front pages – a space once deemed off-limits – most egregiously exemplified by the Los Angeles Times running one indistinguishable from a news story.
13 more modular architecture of Axis2, as exemplified above, adding more features and abilities to Axis2 proves easier to code up and implement.
14 Senses' mantra is "intelligent luxury", exemplified here by the clever use of wood, stone bamboo and the exemplary rendering my "four-S" requirement of a resort: Sea, Sand, Setting and Service.
15 He exemplified the use of the word.
16 By building one of the planet's most successful companies from his garage, he exemplified the spirit of American ingenuity.
17 key to the black mountain poetics is to be found in american pragmatism as exemplified by john dewey .
18 She chose three past looks that exemplified her brand, including a best-selling (in real life) red-and-white knit top.
19 In North America it was exemplified by the popularity of Grunge music bands like Nirvana.
20 This campaign has been exemplified by a space programme that in 2003 made China just the third nation to conduct manned space flight.
21 I Hanon makes some surprising claims in his introduction with no rationale, explanation or experimental evidence. This is exemplified in his title, "The Virtuoso Pianist, in 60 Exercises".
22 If there was ever a city that exemplified the economic future of China, it's the western metropolis of Chongqing.
23 Suit etc, it also reflects the traditional cultural changes and development, this is the Chinese and western culture blends together, mutually happen positive transfer function best exemplified.
24 Salvation was exemplified in the Manichaen community, a hierarchy of two classes: the Elect, who consisted of Mani's successor, 12 apostles, 72 bishops, and 360 presbyters; and the Hearers.
25 system based on the scheme is now running in some textile enterprises in Shaoxing, and is exemplified the development trend for the whole textile region and other economic regions.
26 In the course, many kinds of writings are exemplified. let's take a look at the range of sample writings given.
27 This paper, exemplified by a case of Xiaowang village in the lower reaches of Wujiang river, deals with the great changes about their attitude towards the field.
28 This is partly exemplified by the fact that people of all income groups go together to the same schools.
29 In this paper several methods of the true RMS AC-DC conversion are exemplified, and the advantages of various methods are compared.
30 application for the method is exemplified.