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No. sentence
1 Since I have just mentioned the media as ripe for public ownership, let us take this as an exemplary case.
2 end, there is a need for regulatory, interactive, as well as exemplary development, and speeding up to form the pattern of low-carbon tourism citys development with Chinese characteristics.
3 Although sliders have significant drawbacks, they are exemplary in one area: they allow users to enter quantitative information by analogy.
4 Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha are hosting an exemplary party in Downing Street, having applied to close their already inaccessible road.
5 I believe his leadership in this respect is exemplary and will in future be recognized as visionary and ahead of its time.
6 He has not only accomplished unusual deeds but also bequeathed us the cultural heritage of an exemplary teacher.
7 The very individuals we look to as exemplary role models of bravery or courage openly admit that they were not free of fear when they faced grave threats.
8 She also proved to be an exemplary senator.
9 Jim Daly, who took over from the 73-year-old Mr Dobson as the group's public face last month, praises the President for his exemplary family life.
10 An exemplary person may well have the great charisma to affect others but does not necessarily know how to affect others.
11 Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life, I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my department.
12 Through closer financial co-operation, we aim to play an exemplary role in promoting intra-Asia financial collaboration and integration.
13 The African Union is hardly an exemplary organization.
14 The African Union is hardly an exemplary organization. But ignoring its concerns about Western intervention in Libya is a recipe for disaster.
15 These exemplary online teachers (voted as such by their students and peers) were interviewed in order to identify the best - practices common to most of them.
16 The reason for the praise is Iran’s exemplary execution of a task dear to the IMF’s heart: structural reform.
17 In the end, Mrs Merkel's distinction between exemplary minister and corner-cutting doctoral candidate collapsed.
18 service is exemplary, the goody-bags designer, the planes brand new.
19 The Greeks already had a century's long tradition of poetic education going back centuries to the time of Homer and Hesiod that set out certain exemplary models of heroic virtue and civic life.
20 Sino-French relations should continue to play an exemplary role.
21 They are exemplary both for their innovations in engineering and land ownership laws.
22 in the days when everyone was just, no one paid any attention to people who behaved in an exemplary manner,' replied the abbot.
23 Bilateral relations are exemplary for friendly cooperation between China and Pacific Islands countries.
24 Potential for Improving Performance (PIP) is the ratio of exemplary performance to typical performance, where exemplary performance means the best performance for which we could reasonably hope.
25 provide exemplary development tools for these languages.
26 He detoxed decades before it was fashionable, going from a self-described terrible father to an exemplary one-the world's most famous househusband, pioneering again.
27 In a separate category, researchers examined portrayals of professional behavior on the two shows. Not surprisingly, exemplary behavior was uncommon.
28 HAKAN SAMUELSSON had been an exemplary boss of MAN, Europe’s third-biggest truckmaker.
29 Beautiful fox women (hereafter I will refer to foxes who assume male forms as "fox men" and those who assume female forms as "fox women") were sometimes envisioned as the most exemplary women.
30 The project aims to provide these components, in addition to exemplary tools for select domain models that illustrate its capabilities.