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1 Before V7, if you wanted to branch the mediation flow, the order of execution of these branches was nondeterministic.
2 But if you use multiple aggregations with the same grouping keys, or multiple counting functions that count the same column, it will not significantly increase the execution time of the rule.
3 In this particular program, doing buffer handling in this way does not affect the execution time significantly, and in some data sets, affects it negatively.
4 If something needs to be changed in BPMN, it should be removing all execution semantics, it should be designed to let the business analyst express himself or herself.
5 Note that if you have been testing the Out of Office agent by running it on the client, it will overwrite the log generated during execution on the server.
6 This is a step beyond using static recorded tests, because it allows tests to select different variable values for each execution.
7 Select on in the manual test execution record box.
8 Ea methods help in creating the models that ties business motivation to business execution and is a subset of the various models that are required for an SOE.
9 Exception classes are another example of classes that may not load until well into an application's execution, because exceptions are ideally (though not always) rare occurrences.
10 Multiple occurrences of an activity do not necessarily lead to a process execution error, but they can affect the readability of the model.
11 As if by magic, you get the ordered output of the full execution path triggered by thread 24, which should look something like Listing 8.
12 This requires execution of load tests of 72 hours or longer.
13 Mostafaei, whose office in Tehran is now sealed off, is credited with saving at least 50 people from execution during his career, among them many juvenile offenders.
14 He apparently told the press that he sketched every detail of his Ferris wheel over a dinner at a Chicago chophouse, and no detail needed changing in its execution.
15 It allows developers to explore a code execution path by showing all calls to, or calls from, a selected method.
16 Memory space breach — Accomplished via stack overflow, buffer overrun, or heap error, enables execution of arbitrary code supplied by the attacker with the permissions of the host process.
17 quite a few Qing schol-ars attributed the fall of the Ming dynasty to Emperor Chongzhen's execution of his ablest general, Yuan Chonghuan.
18 Nevertheless, he continued to vacillate, like Hamlet, in the execution of his filial obligation to his late father's request.
19 He was sent to the place of execution and force to walk the last fifty meters of his life silently.
20 is followed, either directly or after some time has passed, by execution of code - as part of which a request might be sent to yet another part of the universe, and so on.
21 It also allows you to compare expected and actual XML data after test execution.
22 The annotations beside each implementation document the condition (business rule) that triggers the selection of the corresponding implementation at execution time.
23 To solve this problem, modules can declare their dependency requirements so that, at runtime, they can be checked prior to execution.
24 He also achieves an uneasy peace with Luthor, who's imprisoned for crimes against humanity yet manages to survive an execution and wreak havoc upon Metropolis.
25 Code and execution output appears in one or the other, and you can interactively copy back and forth.
26 In Part 1, we introduced the concept of a transaction processing monitor (TPM), a program that coordinates the execution of distributed transactions on behalf of an application.
27 The virtual database coordinates the execution of the queries on the physical databases and post-processes the results of the individual query in memory to prepare a consolidated result.
28 These should have variables map to the location in the execution environment.
29 'll likely have one lock for all execution of extension methods, or one lock per extension that all extension methods in that extension share.
30 For the exceptional situations where the optimizer cannot choose an optimal query execution plan, DB2 has added features such as the SELECTIVITY clause and optimization guidelines.