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No. sentence
1 We do this by specifying a static date/time value in executed reports so that different date/time values do not appear when comparing source and target output.
2 Manual tests can also be executed on each WPAR if needed.
3 The old man's will was executed under the personal supervision of the lawyer.
4 This means that transactions are Atomic in that they are either fully executed or not at all.
5 After the tests have been executed, the tool can check this trail to see which portions of the code were actually executed during the test.
6 He was captured and executed shortly after her demise.
7 Data retrieval and update requests are decomposed automatically into sub-requests, which are then executed in parallel among the applicable database partitions.
8 Stored procedures can be compiled and executed with different parameters and results, and they can have any combination of input, output, and input/output parameters.
9 The return value designates the slices on which the given query will be executed.
10 Because of the decoupled approach we discussed above, this does not have an impact on the frequency with which the service request against the target can be executed.
11 filling of the empty SOAP body with bogus content can now begin, as any of the operations denied by the attacker can be effectively executed due to the successful signature verification.
12 Each chunk is executed as the body of an anonymous function.
13 If the first character of a command is a hyphen (-), the remainder of the line is executed, but its exit status is ignored.
14 If the chambermaid episode was indeed a plot, it was conceived and executed with great skill and daring.
15 For the automated blocks of an analysis process, the analyst typically does not yet know how or on which system it will be executed.
16 Suppose you want to add code to track which lines of the constructor actually get executed while running some tests.
17 This flow may either be conditional or unconditional; that is, there may be rules that specify conditions that must be met in order for the next activity in the process to be executed.
18 If changes are well planned, well executed and staff understand the reasons for the changes, it can be profitable for your company.
19 Step4 (m: HttpModule) : Once the page object is executed and unloaded from memory, HttpModule provides post page execution events which can be used to inject custom post-processing logic.
20 If all the data access paths in the application are executed, then the captured information contains the complete list of SQL statements that are issued to the database.
21 After all, computers were machines that executed one instruction after another — but they were so fast that most of us couldn't imagine a different paradigm for the problems we were solving.
22 If you run a script that sets variables or contains functions, subsequent scripts executed within the same context can use the variables and functions of the previous scripts.
23 Note that each triggering action includes an optional condition that evaluates if the action will be executed.
24 John was imprisoned for criticizing the illegal marriage of Herod Antipas, and was executed after Herod's stepdaughter, Salome, demanded his head as a reward for dancing for the king's guests.
25 came up to Hua and asked in low voice, "Hua, it is said that a prisoner has been executed today." He is the child in a family surnamed Xia.
26 extension handler chain is executed upon receiving a RRD request by calling each extension handler that matches some extension data that is attached to the RRD request.
27 When they refused to work for the gangsters, they were executed. There were only two confirmed survivors.
28 The test client allows you to examine the input and output parameters associated with an executed operation.
29 When the program executes, the same transaction with random parameters is executed over and over in each of the 10 connections.
30 However, if it is necessary to have reflection calls, try to have them in init methods so that they are not executed during every request.