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No. sentence
1 I have not any power in the firm except to recommend.
2 We all went except him.
3 Everyone came out well in the wedding photograph except the bridegroom.
4 I'm sorry. I have nothing to pay you except some big bills.
5 you have anything else to eat except these?
6 Te: one way of thinking of patterns is as bits of advice from experienced practitioners, except that they happen to be documented in a formal publication.
7 A group of US embassy staffers left the room, mostly in a jubilant mood — all had passed except for one man, who only got 82 percent correct.
8 His head has been hung over with thick bandage except two eyes.
9 Consideration for others does not, with most children, arise spontaneously, but has to be taught, and can hardly be taught except by the exercise of authority.
10 All the tractors except this are good in quality.
11 One would be to withdraw all government support except for the FHA plus some smaller programmes from the agriculture and veterans’ affairs departments.
12 Except that we have liquid instead of gases, right?
13 The typical person did not participate in the money-shuffling of the last decade, except in a modest and unfortunate way.
14 Then silence, except for the normal sounds of the forest.
15 You might see me all over except in polar areas and islands I can't fly to.
16 Some economists suggest that over the next seven years Turkey's growth will match or exceed that of any other big country except China and India.
17 Everyone except me went to the concert.
18 startup in the Philippines is just like what I imagine a startup in Silicon Valley would be like except you get all the comforts and advantages stripped away.
19 With federation, it is no longer needed to manage any of the items in the list above, except the first.
20 I have control over... you have control over nothing except your own mind.
21 I didnt think of anything except that I could keep on proving my figuring was right. Thats all the fun there is—being right by using your head.
22 The matter can not be discussed except at a personal interview.
23 change, except come winter a large untucked flannel shirt, also pressed, and buttoned up to the neck was added to the ensemble.
24 Yet such matters are not susceptible to a quick fix, and as prime minister he will have little more power in these areas, except perhaps in education, than he has had for a decade as chancellor.
25 no hell except not knowing this.
26 We work every day except Sunday.
27 Nothing has the capacity to replicate itself except DNA.
28 booked up for every evening this week except Tuesday.
29 No one CARES except me.
30 Well, except for one, potentially.