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excavate in a sentence

1. Mary continued to find and excavate sites.

2. Excavate relationships are still uncertain;

3. It proved a difficult site to excavate.

4. In the 1860s he began to excavate barrows;

5. It does not excavate these burrows.

6. It may take about a month to excavate the nest.

7. Both birds excavate.

8. it was choked with gravel and unsafe to excavate.

9. They do not excavate their own nests.

10. Most excavate burrows in which to lay their eggs.

11. Todies use half the burrows they excavate.

12. Both sexes excavate the nesting chamber.

13. It takes about 18 days to excavate the nest.

14. Halbherr used them to excavate Cyrene.

15. She continued to write and excavate.

16. It may use an existing cavity or excavate one.

17. The base of the shell is very faintly excavate.

18. The inner lip is excavate.

19. The columella is excavate.

20. Arnold Withers was next to excavate the cave.

21. INAH has decided not to excavate the base.

22. The columella is excavate.

23. The base of the shell is excavate in the centre.

24. The umbilical region is somewhat excavate.

25. The males excavate and guard the nesting burrow.

26. The sinus is deeply excavate.

27. Margins of wings strongly excavate in the spaces.

28. Here they excavate tunnels and lay eggs.

29. The sinus is deeply excavate.

30. Primaky helped to excavate the holotype.