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1 Objective evolutionary laws, however, do not applicable at the very beginning of an evolutionary event.
2 At an Association for the Advancement of science meeting on the science of kissing, Helen Fischer, an evolutionary biologist, posits multiple reasons for lip locking.
3 In making decisions, the frontal lobe of the human brain, which is relatively new in evolutionary history, is instrumental.
4 In this instance, the evolutionary model itself provided great value, allowing the team to avoid unnecessary work and duplication of effort.
5 Ask not what gaps should be filled in evolutionary theory, but what gaps evolutionary theory should fill.
6 I began wondering whether cancer might be an evolutionary throwback to the dawn of multicellular life, when single cells began cooperating and forming rudimentary aggregations.
7 Mahout contains implementations for clustering, categorization, CF, and evolutionary programming.
8 Is it bad news for humans if in some sense the "point" of the evolutionary process is something bigger than us, something that subsumes us?
9 The humble carnation in your Valentine's Day bouquet may be cheap, but it rivals the most exotic of tropical plants in evolutionary spectacle.
10 SOME fish have special proteins in their blood to stopthem from freezing to death—a remarkable evolutionary trait made no less so bythe fact that biologists have known about it for some time.
11 One of the core ideas behind evolutionary architecture is to defer decisions as late as you can, which allows you to substitute alternatives that recent experience has shown are superior.
12 Evolutionary biologists are fond of quoting extreme examples to make the point, the most famous being Moulay Ismail the Bloodthirsty, a Moroccan ruler who fathered over 1, 000 children.
13 The evolutionary psychologist said that David Brent's dance from The Office was so bad because even though his arms and legs were flapping around his body was completely rigid.
14 This default mode probably gave us an evolutionary advantage by making us alert to dangers while we were hunting and gathering.
15 Since all instinctive behaviors have an evolutionary advantage or they would not have been retained for millions of years, chances are that this one too has helped us survive as a species.
16 's interesting that many of evolutionary design's major proponents, like Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham, are stunningly good designers.
17 These evolutionary theories explain a puzzle: how organisms that sacrifice their own "reproductive fitness" - their ability to survive and reproduce - could possibly have evolved.
18 That's not a bad thing - caution is considered an important evolutionary adaptation.
19 Factors that acted like ratchets could prevent that destruction, helping move life along its evolutionary pathways toward greater complexity.
20 Dr. McGowan and Dr. Marzluff believe that this ability gives crows and their brethren an evolutionary edge.
21 Bely says figuring out whether regenerativeabilities in all animals had the same evolutionary origins is the“elephant in the room” for regeneration biology.
22 Half of its genes have a straightforward evolutionary history.
23 Perhaps the most cunning use of an evolutionary algorithm, though, is by Dr Koza himself.
24 other words, Revonsuo and other evolutionary theorists argue that in dreams, we are actually rehearsing fight-and-flight responses, even though the legs and arms are not actually moving.
25 How can you manage evolutionary versions of an Encyclopedia during the lifecycle of your architecture development?
26 Change in the service specification can be evolutionary or revolutionary.
27 While we like to think we're more complex and evolved, it seems that when it comes to these kinds of basic needs, evolutionary instinct might be kicking in more than we realize.
28 But what could be the evolutionary advantage of believing in God?
29 You can only explain this by evolutionary common ancestry.
30 An evolutionary biologist would say physical activity is the only voluntary means you have of varying or regulating your energy expenditure.