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1 This evolution isn't really surprising, as the benefits virtualization realizes continue to grow.
2 Study on the structural deformation and its Metallogenic Process has important steering significance for the evolution of Chuxiong Basin and to explore more copper resources.
3 With such a tiered understanding of intentions, a consistent evolution of process can be maintained under the sometimes chaotic onslaught of changing needs and interpretations.
4 Kivell and Schmitt think this suggests independent evolution of knuckle-walking behavior in the two African ape lineages.
5 This geopark is a natural museum for studying karst formations, including the development and evolution of karst landforms; it's just like an encyclopedia of karst geology.
6 The next giant leap in human evolution may not come from new fields like genetic engineering or artificial intelligence, but rather from appreciating our ancient brains.
7 It has passed through an interesting procedure of evolution.
8 Newspaper and magazine firms were determined to steer its evolution.
9 An evolution represents one pass through all four phases of the lifecycle.
10 Using phrases like "Darwinian selection" or "Darwinian evolution" implies there must be another kind of evolution at work, a process that can be described with another adjective.
11 We have illustrated how the architecture of the enterprise provides the basis for its evolution by programs.
12 The dust is likely formed as the swollen atmosphere of the supergiant sheds material into space, a final phase in the evolution of a massive star.
13 And then what we see in the singularity, that prophesized by Kurzweil and others -- his idea that technology is accelerating evolution.
14 Unlike Gould, he thinks that if evolution were replayed from the beginning, a lot of things would turn out the same.
15 That's the evolution of basketball.
16 Three studies published this week, which take one or other of these approaches, have cast light on the evolution of both patience and fairness.
17 But evolution demands we seek a better partner than the GPS unit set by our family.
18 Not only do we have system we can understand here, but it shows us how evolution could have tinkered with variation.
19 The study, which was conducted by researchers at Royal Holloway, the University of London, University College London and Oxford University, is published in the journal Evolution.
20 Darwin in a file image. More Americans believe in a literal hell and the devil than Darwin's theory of evolution, according to a new Harris poll released on Thursday.
21 In on the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin used vestigial organs as evidence for evolution, and their presence has helped define and shape our phylogenetic trees.
22 The authors looked to evolution to understand about why humans are only as smart as we are and not any smarter.
23 It's a fascinating question, but, given that we have to reconstruct all this supposed evolution from the current state of modern genomes, finding an answer isn't easy.
24 They are, actually, the source of progress and evolution.
25 Once, before the evolution of plants and animals, bacteria were all there was.
26 In the natural course of evolution from water he came to solid food.
27 Despite the rapid evolution of reconstructive technologies for the musculoskeletal system, bone grafting remains an important tool for modern surgeons.
28 It turns out that the shoulder altered the course of human evolution by giving us survival skills we never could have imagined without it.
29 Back in England, Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution were busily uprooting the Garden of Eden.
30 My point is that technological evolution must also be viable in relation to the evolution of the market.