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No. sentence
1 We accept that what will be is not yet determined, and thatwe can steer the course of events in one direction or another.
2 events of his life concurred to make him what he was.
3 For example, if your culture highlights bonuses, people might not want to come to trainings or get-togethers if they think that money spent on these events will reduce their bonuses.
4 These events in themselves provide good flexibility as to when to generate each of the dumps, but that flexibility is also greatly increased by the addition of dump filters.
5 In general, data flows up, in events, toward the data processor, or down, via refresh, toward the event generator.
6 The answer, of course, is yes - whether caused by an earthquake or some other event or series of events.
7 Define events and one event object.
8 It can significantly promote performance of events delivery.
9 This feature allows the service processor (SP) to isolate faults and log events that take place right up to the point of the actual failure.
10 The US trade deficit is surging, for reasons that have nothing to do with domestic consumption and everything to do with policies and events abroad.
11 After these events, there went my business but not quiteyet all of my retirement and savings.
12 The year will be packed with attendances at fund-raising events organised by the City livery companies, and more than 600 speeches on subjects from financial matters to charity and patronage.
13 Neuroscientists have long believed that the brain's so-called episodic memory circuits are largely involved in remembering past events or occurrences.
14 In one of the defining phrases of 2007, the author and investor Nassim Taleb has called these occurrences "black swans" -unexpected events that have enormous consequences.
15 An honorable historian studied historical events and people.
16 That has fueled a rise in what private bankers call 'liquidity events,' where a company owner or executive can cash in his holdings to become a millionaire or billionaire.
17 Bring a snack, especially for long practices, competitions, or all-day events.
18 no easy answers, and no quick fixes to dealing with chaotic events.
19 of events seemed ordained, and I was eager to find out what would happen next.
20 events can be filtered by business object type, time stamp, and connector ID.
21 With the code demonstrated here, you can apply this next level of navigational system to any application through the use of synthetic keyboard and mouse events.
22 In recent years, it has also become clear that carriers of a particular version of a particular gene are at higher risk than others of depression and attempted suicide when they face traumatic events.
23 Leaders worry that crises will erupt when governments are not on top of events.
24 If you don't account for the timing of these events, they can seriously distort your timing results.
25 Administrators can control which specific events to log and can determine whether or not to log the content of the IM message.
26 If events are building up in this queue, increase the number of collaboration threads and target application threads.
27 The Left Opposition may turn out to be too weak to direct events in the interests of the proletariat at the present stage.
28 It describes one specific path through the flow of events.
29 SVG supports all of the mouse events you expect but also has support for keyboard events -- even for specific key events, which is what I've chosen to demonstrate here.
30 If you wish to define your events at a higher level and let the sender use it for different purposes, specifying a recipient list for every post attempt might be useful.