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No. sentence
1 In "Albanian Spring," I explained my reasons for leaving and the circumstances of that event.
2 They explain how they created a spooky meal to be eaten by the audience at an immersive theatre event, which involved lots of experiments to devise "edible blood".
3 The rocket/missile launch highlights this risk, but doesn't appear to have increased the chances of either event significantly, " said S&P analyst Kim Eng Tan.
4 His remarks swelled a past event up in my mind.
5 The event has astonished London society.
6 The publication of the new dictionary is one of the cultural event of the year.
7 This, in turn, determines whether the event should be propagated to the next handler.
8 He managed to recover the contents of both websites, but what lessons are to be learned from this event?
9 Practice what you want to say before the event.
10 This event happens once for each row on the data set.
11 I think I misunderstood the nature of this event.
12 Whenever it recognizes something in the document, it generates an event.
13 It provides an event handler for each menu option.
14 This was an important event.
15 Find an event nearest you using their map and listing.
16 In general, data flows up, in events, toward the data processor, or down, via refresh, toward the event generator.
17 Rather than waiting to celebrate a big event, why not do it today?
18 By event group.
19 The answer, of course, is yes - whether caused by an earthquake or some other event or series of events.
20 By controlling the parsing process, the application can decide what to do with each event.
21 Nor do browsers pass any information about the timer event to these functions.
22 Evaluates the condition of all transitions associated with that event.
23 So you have, I think, at least once record of what are the key parameters and what might one think about when one analysis this event.
24 The classic example is that of event messages.
25 Objective evolutionary laws, however, do not applicable at the very beginning of an evolutionary event.
26 If the global scope requires the result of the event handler, set the result in the global result variable.
27 Each event function contains two forms: one without any arguments, and one that contains a function as an argument.
28 Define events and one event object.
29 Every school sports day, when we had to choose an event, no one would go for the 1500 meters and so someone was always made to do it.
30 So the event model provides a way of handling these kinds of problems.