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1 Radack, ethics adviser at the Department of Justice: I was called with the specific question of whether or not the F.B.I. on the ground could interrogate [Lindh] without counsel.
2 The trials need to be approved by ethics committees and competent regulatory authorities.
3 If ethics and morals go together, you have to hone your skills at reasoning critically about ethical and moral issues.
4 Filial piety, and the strength of the family generally, are perhaps the weakest point in Confucian ethics, the only point where the system departs seriously from common sense.
5 Obviously, incontestably, by every measure of conventional decency and professional ethics, the teacher ought not to have leaned over towards the schoolboy in the passenger’s seat that first night.
6 First and foremost, the whole society should arrive at the consensus that wealth is not the hallmark of social status, but individual virtues and ethics.
7 Maintaining function is a support function which ensures that proper standards of conduct and ethics are upheld and that quality is maintained.
8 In a third part of the study, the participants were asked questions about the honesty and ethics of people they knew and people in general.
9 When you accept a job, the work and professional ethics is endowed to you as well.
10 Science and ethics tell us what we must do.
11 Ethics watchdogs, meanwhile, say Perry's campaign may have violated state disclosure laws because of the vague way he's reported what his staff calls "incidental" spending at the mansion.
12 principle signifies a point, or points, that allows for the formation of a norm or rule that guides the development of ethics by which you operate.
13 One of Mr Lee’s prospective ministers and several presidential aides have had to resign after questions were raised over their ethics.
14 burp audibly at a formal dinner is not a breach of ethics - it is not a sin or an immoral act - but it will make one feel abashed.
15 Sometimes, the aesthetics and cool of a product eclipse the ethics so thoroughly that we are pathetically seduced.
16 If you decide to visit a zoo ask whether it adheres to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Code of Ethics before you enter.
17 First, if they're copying a site, they have shady ethics themselves and the chances of you getting paid on time and in the full amount are unlikely.
18 He took office vowing to bring ethics reform to Illinois.
19 journalists discard occupational ethics and mass media lose credibility, then the ship sailing at sea will lose its direction and even get grounded.
20 Maybe you’ve always admired the life, actions, and ethics of someone and you’d like to build a much greater understanding of that person (much like my personal near-obsession with Theodore Roosevelt).
21 stem cell society's ethics committee is working on a paper that would explore the rights of tissue donors and make recommendations by the end of the year.
22 That's why we have medical ethics. That's why doctors have traditionally both been viewed as something special and been expected to behave according to higher standards than the average professional.
23 Sentiment and ethics are the internal tension of social development. After the long control of ethics of feudal society, people, generally hankered for the sentimental emancipation.
24 Puritanism in South American contorts "the Holy Bible" arbitrarily, uses "the Holy Bible "to defend racism, and gives birth to southern women's ethics and patriarchy wrongly from "the Holy Bible ".
25 Since he was re-elected in a landslide in January, Mr Rajapaksa has sought to make good on a campaign promise to "create a society with good values and ethics".
26 The project frets about how to square the “competing demands of excellence, ethics, and earnings”.
27 education of the scientific ethics has diverges from the actual life, it has produced people with offish characters but good at reasoning through engraftation in a closed circumstance.
28 But many cultures focus on an ethics of community, bringing together duty, status, hierarchy, and interdependence.
29 For reasons of professional ethics he could not use the word "poisoning".
30 Ethics provide boundaries for our actions and help us do the right thing-not just talking about doing the right thing, but really doing it.