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No. sentence
1 ideal nation would leave no room for what they saw as the twisted ethical code of Christianity, which they argued prized suffering and destructive self-repression.
2 Most engineering disciplines address the issue of ethical conduct by practitioners.
3 Tyson, the company's boss, also employs an ordained minister as an executive coach to help him wrestle with ethical questions.
4 But the ethical issues are far from simple.
5 We must then consider whether developing systems to break encryption schemes is ethical or not.
6 If ethics and morals go together, you have to hone your skills at reasoning critically about ethical and moral issues.
7 When we discuss the ethical issues of privacy in the information age, we have to ask: is privacy possible?
8 is this an ethical issue?
9 We continue to conduct tests, but increasingly, we conduct long conversations with her, acutely aware that our creation will raise many ethical questions on the part of the public.
10 They deal daily with agonising ethical problems, such as whether to keep their husband/wife/mother/father safe, or to allow them freedom – can Dad still go fishing?
11 Not everything is written down, and not everything that is legally permissible is ethical.
12 Many people feel that there's an ethical responsibility to protect them.
13 Gratis software is not worth such an effort, because price is usually not an ethical issue.
14 Eat fruits... it would be the most ethical diet.
15 Your ethical and moral values will affect the way you answer the questions. This is a key point.
16 The absurd mind cannot so much expect ethical rules at the end of its reasoning as, rather, illustrations and the breath of human lives.
17 Was my decision the most ethical thing I have ever done, or am I a fruitcake?
18 would this be my about-town cup of ethical choice?
19 But he was right to understand that Tolstoy's presence imposed certain ethical restrictions on Russian society.
20 Principle-centered power encourages ethical behavior because followers feel free to choose based on what they want most, what they want in the long term, rather than what they merely want now.
21 Future military robots endowed with ethical programs might be able to decide on their own when, and at whom, to shoot.
22 But her real legacy was to pioneer greenery as a marketing tool, and bring the harnessing of environmental and ethical concerns into the business mainstream, for good or ill.
23 Accordingly, the Transcendentalists sought to achieve a congruence between spiritual insights and ethical actions in all areas of their lives.
24 Patrol officers and detectives deal with the public without direct oversight by administrative superiors, and so they must be trusted to behave in an ethical way on their own.
25 But under what circumstances is revealing secrets ethical?
26 He may be beset by ethical problems, whether over campaign finance or Whitewater indictments, even conceivably of his wife.
27 If it is too soon to panic, there is a clear case for informed debate around a complex subject laden with cultural and ethical considerations.
28 Are the ethical debates about technological change keeping pace with the development of new technologies?
29 organisation hopes American universities will be sufficiently convinced of the quality and ethical standards of member agencies that they will agree to work with them.
30 They will have other ethical things to follow, and he gives you some of those things in chapter 15.