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No. sentence
1 Yet, up to this day, (outside powers) have not contributed significantly to the establishment of (stability) and security, as well as economic and political development of the region.
2 establishment of the business took several years.
3 Before the euro came into being in 1999 the then British chancellor, Gordon Brown, resisted the establishment of a "euro group" of finance ministers that excluded him.
4 Closely related to the concept of reliable messaging is that of conditional messaging, which involves the establishment of various conditions that apply to how and when a message is to be delivered.
5 of Lady Chatterley as a test-case was inept, but it suited the anti-intellectual temper of the legal establishment and it would mean the defeat of an impeccably liberal cause.
6 Most of the financial establishment had opposed the takeover and one competitor, Morgan Grenfell, refused to do business with him for 15 years afterwards.
7 Mr Kurzweil's forecasts for machine super-intelligence and post-biological bodies, these predictions raise hackles in the scientific establishment.
8 Hatoyama hoped the dispute of the two countries on East Sea oil-gas field would be conciliated by the continuous establishment of trustful relationship.
9 Several senior figures in the Saudi establishment are ailing, including the foreign minister.
10 What those in command do is rescue the "establishment" rather than punish them for wrongdoing.
11 Or just a typical scion of the British upper classes, an establishment man who played at being a rebel?
12 In todays China where the economy and the society are all dominated by the contract, introducing and promoting the concept of contract will surely provide spiritual foundation for the establishment o.
13 The committee will work toward the establishment of a school for the handicapped.
14 China and ASEAN announced the establishment of the strategic partnership for peace and prosperity. This was a milestone in the East Asian cooperation process.
15 Early polls showed Mrs Hutchison well ahead. She reeled in big endorsements from most of the leading newspapers and much of the Republican establishment.
16 plan proposes the establishment of a regional bank, and a development of plans to build a bridge over the Strait of Messina, between Sicily and mainland Italy.
17 It is no wonder then that Israel's decision makers are locked in heated debate over what may turn out to be the most important decision taken in Jerusalem since the establishment of the Jewish state.
18 They called for the establishment of independent expert committees to investigate claims of scientific misconduct.
19 Enterprises should submit agreement of special account for earnest money with appointed bank when applying for establishment.
20 With test infrastructures, one symptom of high maintenance costs is the establishment of a "tools team" to maintain the infrastructure.
21 The U.S. Army was commissioned to oversee the park just after its establishment.
22 All we teach them is that the establishment is against them, that they are victims, and that the rich are at fault.
23 If the dance establishment did not often acknowledge his influence it was because there was no need.
24 This initial step in all creation consists in the establishment of a new unity from disparate elements, of order out of disorder, of shape from what was formless.
25 All prerequisites for the start of a pandemic have therefore been met save one: the establishment of efficient and sustained human-to-human transmission of the virus.
26 This means that establishment of portfolio management becomes a matter of "selling upward," for which gaining traction can be difficult.
27 at least, than the bishop of London, whose forceful, confident and articulate manner suggests to some that he is more of an establishment type.
28 With the establishment of the Hydrographic Office the British Navy had its own map department, engravers, and printing facilities.
29 You see, our conflict has never been about the establishment of a Palestinian state.
30 Zinichev says all that is needed is the establishment of effective relations among these institutions.