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No. sentence
1 At a time when the nation had disowned its loyalty to God, the tribe of Levi espoused it.
2 And although the idea that "less is more" has many adherents in architecture, design and fashion, the technology industry has historically espoused the opposite view.
3 The Home Office itself has espoused many of them, only to drag feet in their implementation or be swamped by sheer Numbers.
4 But Western Christianity developed an apparatus to crush dissent, to annihilate a plurality of views, to obliterate those who espoused a Gnostic path to spiritual realization.
5 Cursive's demise is due in part to the kind of circular logic espoused by Alex McCarter, a 15-year-old in New York City.
6 Another idea, espoused by Thomas Schaller in his book "Whistling Past Dixie", is for the Democrats to ignore the South and try to build a majority in less reflexively hostile parts of the country.
7 Teaching students to think critically and communicate effectively are espoused as the principal goals of higher education.
8 This barefooted, often whipped child growing up espoused the cause of the Indian revolution and then that of the people of China.
9 And David sent messengers to Ishbosheth Saul's son, saying, Deliver me my wife Michal, which I espoused to me for an hundred foreskins of the Philistines.
10 Before the general election, the Conservatives espoused elected police commissioners, the Liberal Democrats elected police authorities; the bill is a reasonably amicable compromise.
11 strived to obliterate Gnostic ideas and the writings that espoused them.
12 Haggis lent his name to nearly any cause that espoused peace and justice: the Earth Communications Office, the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, the Center for the Advancement of Non-Violence.
13 Kelly: the extreme view would be that all these bits that make up atoms are running on a very big computer called the universe, an idea first espoused by Babbage.
14 Although she briefly espoused radical reforms in the 2005 campaign, she soon dropped them and, as chancellor, she has proved cautious and methodical.
15 The ideas espoused by Hume were extremely controversial at the time of publication, although his proposed ideas are still looked upon in an unfavorable light.
16 Some of his colleagues knew that Winston Churchill had same convictions and ideals in his private life as he espoused with his brilliant oratory in the public life.
17 In Brazil, which has espoused a moderate and pluralist vision of the centre-left, the details of both Lula's tumour and Ms Rousseff's cancer of the lymph in 2009 were made public immediately.
18 The economy clearly needs more deregulation, not the fostering of national champions that Mr Zapatero has espoused.
19 He had to answer for the ideology he espoused and the death and destruction he reveled in.
20 They espoused the notion that all movies, domestic or imported, should be given equal opportunities and let ticket-buyers be the judge.
21 contrast to the solution space approach espoused by the traditional SRS, use cases describe the sequences of actions that users perform as they interact with a system.
22 Jeff: I think the old notion that dynamic discovery of services, as originally espoused by UDDI, is terribly naive, and that's why nobody really does that.
23 all European governments must grasp, though, is that many of the policies espoused in the name of social cohesion do not promote compassion over cruelty.
24 Collegiate Learning Assessment," designed not to test student acquisition of knowledge but rather "core outcomes espoused by all of higher education," has three parts.
25 Mr Putin and his Allies have espoused many of the same causes.
26 Argentines should note that Brazil's centre-left government has espoused fiscal prudence and free trade and welcomed foreign investment.
27 Iran has long espoused to the world its commitment to justice, security and peace for all.
28 He espoused liberal views on social issues, such as civil partnerships.
29 Many lawyers, including a sitting United States Supreme Court justice, have espoused the view that these famous words should be read as a compliment to the legal profession.
30 To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin's name was Mary.