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escudella in a sentence

1. Typical dishes of the country are the quince all-i-oli, the duck with winter pear, the lamb in the oven with nuts, pork civet, the massegada cake, the escarole with pear trees, confited duck and mushrooms, escudella, spinach with raisins and pine nuts, jelly marmalade, stuffed murgues (mushrooms) with pork, dandelion salad and the Andorran trout of river.

2. Others dishes include the calçotada, escudella i carn d'olla, suquet de peix (fish stew), and a dessert, Catalan cream.

3. Some famous dishes include escudella, bread with tomato, bean omelette, coca de recapte, samfaina, thyme soup, and caragols a la llauna.

4. Some of the most representative types are: Usually white botifarra and black botifarra do not need to be cooked, but they are sometimes boiled as an ingredient of escudella i carn d'olla, a traditional dish made by boiling vegetables and meat;

5. These are stuffed with the ground remaining meat from the escudella i carn d'olla, turkey, or capó of the previous day.

6. Faroese tvøst og spik Finnish mämmi Icelandic Þorramatur Karelian pasty Latvian speķrauši Lithuanian cepelinai Livonian Sklandrausis Norwegian fårikål Sami Sautéed reindeer Swedish smörgåsbord Swedish surströmming Albanian flia Andalusian gazpacho Balearic ensaïmades Bosnian ćevapi Canarian wrinkly potatoes Catalan escudella i carn d'olla Cretan Dakos Croatian Zagorski štrukli Cypriot souvla Gibraltarian calentita Greek gyros Greek salad Istrian stew Italian ravioli Italian spaghetti alle vongole Lombard risotto Macedonian Tavče gravče Maltese kusksu Montenegrin njeguški pršut Neapolitan pizza Portuguese Cozido à portuguesa Portuguese Francesinha Roman carbonara Sammarinese Bustrengo Sardinian pane carasau Serbian Pljeskavica Sicilian cannoli Spanish omelette Spanish tapas Turkish doner kebab Turkish Imam Bayildi Valencian paella Venetian carpaccio Belgian carbonnade flamande Belgian moules-frites British bangers and mash British full breakfast British Sunday roast Cornish pasty Corsican fritelli Dutch stamppot with rookworst English fish and chips English shepherd's pie English trifle French crêpe French pot-au-feu French soufflé Irish breakfast roll Luxembourgian Judd mat Gaardebounen Monégasque Barbajuan Northern Irish pastie supper.

7. One type of Catalan dish is escudella, a soup which contains chick peas, potatoes, and vegetables such as green cabbage, celery, carrots, turnips, and meats such as botifarra (a Catalan sausage), pork feet, salted ham, chicken, and veal.

8. Escudella i carn d'olla, or shorter escudella, (Eastern Catalan: [əskuˈðeʎə]; lit.

9. In historical times a type called escudella de pagès, which had pasta and rice, was traditionally made on Thursdays and Sundays.

10. Escudella is typically served in two parts: When both parts are served mixed together, it is called escudella barrejada.

11. There is a particular version of this soup that can be called "escudella de Nadal" (Christmas soup) or either "sopa de galets" (galets' soup) and it is very typical on Christmas Day.

12. There are a number of Catalan culinary traditions, some of them coincide with a religious festival, like cooking a big Christmas Day meal on 25 December which includes escudella i carn d'olla.

13. Other representative Catalan cuisine dishes are the faves a la catalana, prepared with tender broad beans and botifarra, escudella i carn d'olla, esqueixada, escalivada, and finally pa amb tomàquet, as well as the embotits that are eaten along with it. The Calçot is a type of scallion or green onion known as blanca gran tardana in the Catalan language from Lleida.

14. He was one of the creators of the first Catalan TV program for children called Terra d’escudella and since then has continued to develop other shows for TV, such as Planeta Imaginari and Juego de Niños. He has also worked in the theatre;

15. • White Botifarra, of grayish clear brown color, since it does not contain blood, it has the form of the ball that is used for the escudella.