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No. sentence
1 His death marked the end of an era.
2 She envisages an era of great scientific discoveries.
3 The President's memoir disinterred a past era.
4 Especially, once one organization owns a big structure, its information management would become necessary for the need of development in the information era.
5 That said, one thing is clear: We live in the Anthropocene—an era when everything from the atmosphere to the layers of rock laid down for the future are dominated by human activities.
6 return to the golden era is certainly not the answer: it is now clear that Mr Koizumi danced atop an edifice, dominated for half a century by the LDP, that was about to crumble regardless.
7 It started with prizefighting, illegal elsewhere in an era of bare-knuckle boxing.
8 We are living in a great historic era.
9 pounds of metal is an enormous amount of wealth in this era. To waste so much of it in a burial is pretty unusual.
10 in the dinosaur era, it was more of a floodplain environment, with a flat plain crisscrossed by big, meandering rivers.
11 It feels like the end of an era.
12 The United States, Japan and South Korea have all promised a new era in relations with North Korea, once Pyongyang fulfills the six-nation process of eliminating its nuclear arsenal.
13 of business markets, of social mores, of spiritual beliefs, of ethnicity, and of truth itself into tinier and tinier shards is the hallmark of this era.
14 These women are a symbol of our era of consumption," Yang explains. "Enveloped in a lifestyle of greed and excessive materialism, these girls look alike."
15 For him, their frivolity robbed the world of an era of peace, made possible by Mr Nixon's flawed strategic genius and Mr Kissinger's brilliant diplomacy.
16 In short, 1971 marked the beginning of a new era.
17 In the Reagan era, well-connected Republicans received favoured treatment in this organization.
18 era when foreign goods flooded the Chinese market is gone for ever.
19 We are at the end of an era, not only in Europe, but globally.
20 If this is the new era of multilateralism, it is no prize.
21 We must heed these signs if the future, the new era of information and progress, is to be ours.
22 excruciating pain and harrowing guilt seared into your time holograms from that era will be shifted, but you must in micro and macro make it so.
23 For these patients, our treatment options effectively go back to the era that predates the advent of antibiotics.
24 Let us together embrace the arrival of this great era.
25 This is an era of new perils and new hardships.
26 It means the end of an era for many people.
27 We are essentially back to an era with no antibiotics.
28 But that era is over.
29 In this era of globalization, the fate of the Doha negotiation extends beyond trade and traditional economics.
30 We're in an era of information.