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No. sentence
1 They live and work together in complete equality and brotherhood.
2 But this study suggests that if the goal is increased equality, individual attitudes have to change.
3 In these tense times at home, it was Lincoln's language not of equality but of freedom that U.S. opinion-makers emphasized.
4 new law provided for equality of human rights.
5 However, this interpretation of the relationship between efficiency and equality is not exact.
6 She fought for women’s rights, crusaded for the causes of workers, promoted equality for minorities, and championed the underprivileged and the oppressed.
7 This replaces a system employed under Labour in which schools were inspected for a series of other issues such as equality, community cohesion and healthy eating.
8 Giving women better access to land and credit and promoting gender equality could do more to reduce hunger and malnutrition than any of the other MDGs, the report stressed.
9 Independence and sovereign equality among states is a fundamental principle of international law.
10 Monsignor Quinn, who died in 1940 at age 52, championed racial equality at a time when discrimination against blacks was ubiquitous in America, even inside the Catholic Church.
11 There is some evidence that people would prefer more equality, but there is no sign of widespread outrage or pervasive demands for change.
12 Society must in principle be able to move towards its ideals, such as equality and freedom, or they are no more than cant and self-delusion.
13 Despite the pledges of equality for all communities in the new India and Pakistan, the driving force behind the violence was to eliminate or devour the other community, writes Ms Khan.
14 But she cautioned them not to delude themselves into thinking the fight for equality is over.
15 And this is what the plan really stresses-that gender equality is good in itself, but also that it is instrumental to the achievement of other goals and key to reduce poverty and attain Shared growth.
16 If we were moving on the tangent plane, this would be an actual equality.
17 If Europeans once thought they could sacrifice some growth for the sake of more equality than America, many now fear they are being left behind, not just by America, but by new, rising powers.
18 Fair equality of opportunity.
19 President Barack Obama warned on Monday that women in America still faced unfairness and hardship, as he vowed to fight for gender equality at a White House reception on International women's day.
20 Just as they did for racial equality in previous decades, the moment has arrived for the federal courts to bestow full equality to millions of gay men and lesbians.
21 They do not spurn material progress but want a greater share of it-along with freedom and equality.
22 That anonymity creates a phoney equality, which puts cranks and experts on the same footing.
23 We could do better if we agree to a qualified principle of equality.
24 instead of proving the divergence theorem, namely, the equality up there, I'm going to actually prove something easier.
25 This principle of equality extends to many other areas of life in Sweden.
26 They are value objects, in that their equality is based on the value of their content, not on their identity.
27 However, such cooperation must base on trust, negotiation, equality and mutual benefits. It must proceed from actual facts, rather than deductions.
28 We Chinese people have persistently urged the equality of nations, big or small.
29 Equality! And Death!
30 We have walls - barriers to justice and equality - that must come down. And to do this, we know that unity is the great need of this hour.