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No. sentence
1 The dog went to the kitchen, nibbled opened a bag of cookies and pided the contents into four equal piles.
2 They refused to treat with us on equal terms.
3 If you are rude to me, I shall retaliate with equal rudeness.
4 old culture doesnt equal to the new one. so inheritance must agree with qualifications.
5 They have to feel you as an equal as well.
6 Can I specify 1000 virtual testers to be run in three remote machines with equal breakdown of user loads?
7 Once entrusted with the money, Player B could choose to either split it with Player A, so that each ended up with equal shares, or to keep it all.
8 Women in our country enjoy equal rights with men.
9 Even after they were freed, African Americans persevered through conditions that were separate and not equal, before winning full and equal rights.
10 So yes, the internet furnishes weapons for the oppressors as well as the oppressed – but not, as Morozov seems to imply, in equal measure.
11 process slowed down as our universe gradually cooled, but there should have been equal parts matter and antimatter -- and there weren't.
12 That book showed me the value of equal opportunity and competition.
13 They also committed to the full and equal participation of rural women in national development -not simply as equal beneficiaries, but as equal partners.
14 If you love a person, shall stand before and her (him) equal status.
15 so it was named "Nonsuch," as in no other palace could ever equal its magnificence.
16 Yet a pairs trader with equal short exposure to Chevron would offset some or all of those losses with profits as Chevron tumbled, too.
17 He has no equal in music.
18 Wicket searches all resource files with the names equal to the components in your component hierarchy, with your application last.
19 countries, big or small, should be equal.
20 We are campaigning for equal rights for women.
21 Everyone is equal before [under] the law.
22 You might have 20 different but equal skills and interests, which if you do, I congratulate you.
23 And remember that not all votes have to be equal.
24 both of them now equal?
25 But capacity does not equal electricity. For all those turbines to be worthwhile, the wind has to blow in specific places at specific strengths for specific periods of time.
26 I do not accept the Negro as my equal," Douglas said. "And I deny that he is my brother."
27 The idea behind this is that not all test cases are equal — some are more important than others.
28 Student: Separate but equal marriage verses society does or does not?
29 Then it gets all of the document IDs and ensures that they are equal.
30 In the eyes of the scientist all things are equal.