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epithets in a sentence

1. various epithets call him the "averter of evil".

2. Demeter's epithets show her many religious functions.

3. Pigs are alluded to in animal epithets and proverbs.

4. The names occur as epithets of Jupiter and Juno.

5. Many of Hathor's epithets link her to celebration;

6. Both Kapalin and Sankara are epithets of Shiva.

7. Some epithets resist explanation.

8. (4) racial epithets were used;

9. Shouting epithets, the boys gave chase.

10. Much known of al-Nadim is deduced from his epithets.

11. Additional epithets associated with him include:

12. These epithets include:

13. Sita is known by many epithets.

14. Simmons accused the referee of using racial epithets.

15. this purports to explain Congal's epithets.

16. One of Kumugwe's epithets is "Copper Maker."

17. One of her epithets was "Brigid of the Holy Fire".

18. His epithets mention he belonged to Vashista gotra.

19. The name is found with a number of epithets.

20. Some of his epithets won prizes at the Jeux Floraux.

21. Their reputation would be displayed in epithets.

22. Whereas the specific epithets, refer to:

23. Another of his epithets was payu, "protector".

24. Epithets are inscriptions on the throne of statues.

25. Epithets are sometimes used in political campaigns;

26. Epithets are not limited to mammals;

27. One of Tiwad's epithets was tati ("father").

28. Epithets uttered in irony can be repeated in earnest.

29. They tagged to our name various abusive epithets.

30. cursed me, using a lot of rude epithets.