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epicenter in a sentence

1. Its epicenter was near Cañete, Chile.

2. Arts Festival (2009), and Epicenter (2009).

3. its epicenter was near the city of Tomakomai.

4. The epicenter of the town is John F. Kennedy Blvd.

5. The epicenter was at Omak Lake.

6. Its epicenter was at 9°52′N 124°04′E

7. Its epicenter was near Curanilahue.

8. Its epicenter was located in Motosu.

9. 2003 – Tokyo Epicenter by Herzog &

10. 2004 – Los Angeles Epicenter by OMA group opens.

11. Epicenter (San Francisco);

12. The earthquake had its epicenter in the city.

13. Epicenter or epicentre may also refer to:

14. The estimated epicenter was near Middleton Place.

15. Epicenter : San Francisco Bay area art now.

16. Its epicenter was at 33°0′S 69°12′W

17. Epicenter Press.

18. The epicenter of this movement was in Delhi.

19. The epicenter of the earthquake was at Khash.

20. Liedu-VIII zone spans 26 km near the epicenter.

21. The epicenter was probably in Alpine.

22. It had an epicenter close to Izmir, Turkey.

23. Its epicenter was located southeast of Cyprus.

24. The epicenter was located in Lushan.

25. The epicenter was in the town of Kachang.

26. The epicenter was near Yonago and Matsue.

27. Ar de Rock was the epicenter of Portuguese rock.

28. Kozhikode city is the epicenter of the district.

29. The Hebron district is currently an epicenter.

30. Both transmitters were very near the epicenter.