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1 Based on her interviews, Finucane believes that - in the Pacific region at least - the science related to drought and other environmental risks should be complemented with a narrative.
2 node could lose network connectivity to the other nodes, the heartbeat process could be stopped, there might be any one of a number of environmental occurrences, and so on.
3 River water pollution and water resources shortage are the major water environmental problems of Chuxiong city.
4 The paper analyzes and assesses the air environmental situation and its development trend of Zhaotong city. The air quality is affected by SO2 and points out countermeasures and Suggestions.
5 Other environmental organisations see a splash of greenwash.
6 struggle against environmental destruction is far from over.
7 affluent nations have produced half of the world's environmental destruction while paying only 3% of its costs.
8 But her real legacy was to pioneer greenery as a marketing tool, and bring the harnessing of environmental and ethical concerns into the business mainstream, for good or ill.
9 Using auction to distribute pollution permits can not only internalizes the exterior problem of environmental pollution, but also adjust the contorted market price.
10 Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and depression and personal and environmental factors e.g. negative attitudes, inaccessible transportation and public buildings, and limited social supports.
11 other are people who believe that Americans are getting fatter because of powerful environmental factors like cheap corn, fast food, and unscrupulous advertising.
12 The heredity and environmental factor's interaction promoted the island of langerhans B cell secretion island of langerhans confused insufficiency and thrusts out the island element resistance.
13 Crime and environmental damage associated with the bases were of especial concern, he said.
14 it should be a digital companion that picks up on environmental cues and helps me live my digital life.
15 The epigenome can be disrupted by smoking, ageing, stress, atmospheric pollution, what we eat and drink, and a host of other environmental factors.
16 The creature oil is a fuel of environmental protection, it is produced with straw material, using the crafts of the hot cracking and liquefying etc.
17 Environmental awareness of urban residents in establishing environmental management theory and grasp the situation of the citys environmental awareness is significant.
18 Mr Pan complains thatSEPA cannot effectively push through central edicts because it does not directly employ environmental personnel at the local level.
19 These play areas, protected from the outside, are as a chrysalis opening in the Northern area with well-designed environmental and play developments.
20 Environmental groups, meanwhile, readily concede that mobilizing against meat eaters is not their highest priority.
21 The way we have made progress against disease, malnutrition, and environmental degradation in the past is by growing, by discovering, and by innovating.
22 The departing President is presumably thinking of his legacy, as he may now at least claim to have done some environmental good for the seas.
23 Inside the facility, activists staged a sit-in to protest against the expulsion of members of an environmental group they say had been accredited but denied entry.
24 Inequality and environmental issues were other major sources of unhappiness, as well as the lack of channels for expressing dissatisfaction, Peng says.
25 If half of autism cases can truly be ascribed to factors in the environment, then a greater effort should be made to identify the environmental culprit or culprits.
26 The answer depends, among other things, on the cost of alternative disposal methods and the value ascribed to the environmental benefits.
27 Environmental diversity is something to be resisted, not celebrated, since it masks the character of the grape and makes it difficult to produce a consistent product.
28 It is also conceivable that they could be points of intervention by modifications in environmental factors or eventually in pharmaceutical products; but this is a distant prospect.
29 One of the 100 most invasive species in the world the Nile perch was introduced to East Africa's Lake Victoria in the 1950s, and has wreaked environmental havoc ever since.
30 What's more, says David Keith who directs the University of Calgary's Energy and Environmental Systems Group, it would be pretty easy to do.