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enveloped in a sentence

1. Fifteen families are enveloped.

2. Steam and dust enveloped the derailed cars.

3. Steam and dust enveloped the derailed cars.

4. Flames enveloped the center of the ship.

5. Soon they are enveloped in a torrid affair.

6. Meanwhile, the cloud has enveloped the hut.

7. The pseudobulbs are enveloped by sheaths.

8. They have an enveloped, spherical virion.

9. It is an enveloped virus;

10. PRRSV is a small, enveloped RNA virus.

11. The virus particle is enveloped.

12. Virus particles are non-enveloped.

13. CNPV is an enveloped virus.

14. Then the smoke and flames enveloped him."

15. Virus capsid is not enveloped.

16. The mature virions are non-enveloped.

17. The viruses are enveloped and filamentous.

18. Enveloped from the north by Col.

19. A vast murmur enveloped this apparition.

20. It was now enveloped by a thick fog.

21. The virons are small and non-enveloped.

22. Enveloped Ideas may refer to:

23. It is an enveloped RNA virus.

24. and some viruses are enveloped.

25. The stamens are enveloped in the petals.

26. Is enveloped by a falling sheet of rain.

27. The river appears as if enveloped in smog.

28. The hills were enveloped in dense fog.

29. land is enveloped in a curtain of darkness.

30. Seeds enveloped by red succulent aril.