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No. sentence
1 Entities can be phrases of text or special characters.
2 That way, JPA entities are managed in one place and can be used as a data layer by many projects, rather than each project containing its own JPA entities and manager beans.
3 Inheritance is a coupling mechanism: it binds two entities together with well-defined rules about visibility, method dispatch, and so on.
4 Heisenberg replaced the unobserved orbits of Bohr's atomic model with a series of mathematical entities representing observed quantities, such as the radiation emitted or absorbed by an atom.
5 role is an entity (a person, computer, or any other type of actor) or group of entities that have the same rights and obligations with respect to performing a task or a group of tasks.
6 In addition, you can maintain traceability, not only with other expectations, but also with features and project planning entities.
7 Any attempt to access the unloaded relationships on the detached entities will lead to a LazyInitializationException.
8 That the core data entities linking together the business domains of an enterprise are consistent and trusted across all lines of business.
9 This extends the current data model; it enables you to more easily capture information about all the people and entities you interact with.
10 News agencies, publishing entities, broadcasting and television stations, and other relevant entities are obligated to educate people about road traffic safety.
11 Some modules and submodules collect data from run time entities, while the others aggregate the data over the run time entities.
12 The common information model that defines the schemas of the "common Entities" will be an essential part of this type system.
13 Some vendors tout their security certifications obtained from sanctioning entities.
14 From this response, you can get the basic information about the available business entities.
15 This organizes the data in the form of instances of "entity types", or "entities", and the associations between them.
16 tasks can be grouped together to form entities, and the scheduler would be fair to these entities and then to the tasks in those entities.
17 Measure the performance of the system, and where your entities do not meet expectations, try and tune the container to optimize the queries.
18 Collectively, these entities describe the structure and allocation of significant activity in the operational enterprise.
19 They should also know, or be able to learn, the dependencies and relationships between all these entities.
20 can design to have related entities mapped in one XML file, or you can separate them out.
21 In many cases this process is manual, causing the organization to devote significant resources to coordinating access across different entities and applications.
22 Entities can be SGML documents, DTDs, or so-called unparsed entities like binary data.
23 The sum of all the business entities and their relationships constitute the domain model, which describes the problem domain.
24 With the object-oriented technology, an object is a single entity in which data and methods are capsulized. It can be used to represent knowledge or entities in simulated domain.
25 This returns only the entities just added, because nothing matching the criteria was initially found in the preferred source.
26 All interactions with entities of that type will then be "patterned" to match the template, designating the properties and relationships that are relevant when interacting with that kind of entity.
27 So far, we have created the entities and added fields to them, but we have not specified the relationship between them.
28 Following REST principles, JEST's core concepts - resources being persistent closures of managed entities, and representations being language-neutral and domain-agnostic - are independent of HTTP.
29 If your organization has a strategy of achieving growth through acquisitions, consider how newly acquired entities will fit within your design.
30 Of course, due to the difficulty of obtaining complete knowledge over those common business entities, certain extensions are normally required for any specific realization of a business solution.