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No. sentence
1 The others barely glanced at it and went back to their shovels, almost enthusiastically, searching for the French Woman, but I went up to the body and forced myself to look at it closely.
2 The South Korean interior designer enthusiastically invites your correspondent to admire the chandeliers and carpets from his own country.
3 But every engineer, enthusiastically using mathematical models of the real world, knows the model is just that, the model.
4 The big horse reached the fence, gathered himself and soared over as effortlessly as a bird, his rider yelling enthusiastically, his crop beating the air, his white curls jerking out behind him.
5 Although he enthusiastically campaigned for Jon Corzine in New Jersey several times, he did not cross the Hudson once to stump for Mr Thompson.
6 THEY are hemmed in by more bus lanes, picked on by more traffic wardens, spied on by more speed cameras, punished with more fines and soaked more enthusiastically by the exchequer than ever before.
7 new Greenlandic government is now enthusiastically granting licences to oil firms, such as ExxonMobil; companies are already prospecting over 137,000 square kilometres of the nearby seas.
8 Acclimatized Despite problems, foreign investment enterprises or the Internet to enter the Chinese market one after another enthusiastically.
9 He enthusiastically demonstrated his encyclopedic knowledge of "American Idol" and his excitement at seeing the "Transformers" movie.
10 He is a prolific fund-raiser, and has created a network of activists over the years that will enthusiastically promote his cause.
11 It soon expanded Fanta to Africa, Asia, and Latin America and added many new flavors to the Fanta portfolio, but it never pushed the product enthusiastically in the United States.
12 audience at Gettysburg probably responded very enthusiastically to Lincoln's short speech because they had just sat through a two-hour oration!
13 After Tuesday's game, Mosimane spoke enthusiastically about the initiatives he will push if he is named the coach.
14 The term, invented by an Irish politician, has been enthusiastically adopted by the media who deploy it as a display of empathy with their readers and listeners.
15 Often, they have sold most enthusiastically in emerging markets that are deep, liquid and easily exited.
16 Others enthusiastically followed the advice of the course commentator who compared picking a winning horse to finding a pretty woman (" Look for a big chest and slim waist ").
17 love your work is to do it passionately and enthusiastically.
18 An American acquaintance notices that she is uncomfortable and enthusiastically recommends his favorite remedy, long soaks in a tub of hot water.
19 Successful cities had grown prosperous with trade and during the relatively peaceful period of the late middle ages the citizens enthusiastically supported their construction.
20 He enthusiastically accepted the offer and they spent the next few hours going over the details of the voyage.
21 surveys suggest that consumers would embrace them enthusiastically.
22 Qutb and the Brotherhood initially welcomed the coup and worked enthusiastically with its leaders.
23 The Fed's aggressive move was greeted enthusiastically by Wall Street.
24 So most people participate, and share, enthusiastically.
25 Ivey's friends quickly jumped into the conversation, enthusiastically endorsing the idea.
26 Buy-out types now talk enthusiastically of banks as being “pre-levered”.
27 Clubs can never get enough volunteers so the longer standing members welcomed my participation enthusiastically.
28 Respond enthusiastically to comments to keep someone talking.
29 Before his death in 1875, Andersen regularly traveled around Europe, and was enthusiastically welcomed everywhere he went.
30 my great relief, he responds enthusiastically.