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No. sentence
1 Our shop has made [entered into] a contract with a clothing firm to buy 100 coats a week.
2 For example, you might validate a filename entered by the user by looking for multiple occurrences of the character ':'.
3 The eastern influence entered the west primarily through the great trading cities of Venice, Ravenna, and Marseilles and appeared in these cities first.
4 they listening to the broadcast when you entered their room?
5 He was subtilized someone must have entered his room.
6 we entered his modest house he beckoned us onto his bed, unbuttoned his shirt and turned on an asthmatic fan.
7 She threw down her pipe and bustled in, the girl followed, and I entered too;
8 The sword entered deep.
9 A terrible sight met her eyes as she entered the room.
10 He entered by a secret entrance.
11 stand between two religions, from one of which you have not as yet emerged, and another into which you have not yet entered, is intolerable; and twilight is pleasing only to bat-like souls.
12 Or one tenant could have additional SQL manipulation to restrict the data they could retrieve to records entered not more than 90 days before.
13 BBC political correspondent Mike Sergeant says the chancellor has entered this increasingly tense debate, but at the same time making it clear he has a good relationship with Dr Fox.
14 The boys, who had been told in advance that they would not be jailed, smiled shyly as they entered the courtroom at the start of today's brief hearing.
15 we waited in the rows of seats, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela among us, a tall, stooped figure entered stage right with fragile but determined steps.
16 As we entered one home, a husband and wife were crouched over their floor with hammer and nails.
17 She thundered down the stairs in those shoes, and as the front door slammed behind her, it came to me-what fantasy I had finally, easily entered this Halloween.
18 She arises from her chair when he entered the room.
19 After the simulated earthquake collapse we crawled through the rubble and entered the building to film and document the results.
20 So, with this information entered, you have provided all the necessary deployment information, and your deployment configuration should resemble the one shown in Figure 5.
21 In our application, the date and time entered by the user are concatenated into a string, converted into bytes, and stored.
22 The trader entered one or several fake operations in the systems so that they could be taken into account in risk calculation and value of the portfolio....
23 Originally, most shows were "benched" in some fashion, where the entered dogs were required to be in assigned areas (on benches) at all times when not being judged in the ring.
24 Wave on wave of the audience entered into the theatre.
25 strike by South African port and railroad workers entered its second week Monday as talks on a pay increase remained deadlocked.
26 vine was entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vintage grapevine in the world.
27 The hall was dry when we entered, but it then began to rain.
28 I entered, and beheld my stray lamb seated on the hearth, rocking herself in a little chair that had been her mother's when a child.
29 We have entered the second decade of the 21st century.
30 soon as this thought entered my mind, the horse gave me a quick look, reared, and galloped away.