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No. sentence
1 Not because he would suddenly have ceased to believe in his mission-he was too enlightened to be a skeptic-but because death for others is harder to bear than one's own death.
2 food miles how far food has traveled before you buy it has entered the enlightened lexicon.
3 She brought me to the field and enlightened me.
4 I just wished to give him one last smack over the head, for when he returns he will be enlightened and I will not be able to reprimand him again.
5 As we walked home, I would fain have enlightened my charge on the characters of the people we had quitted; but she got it into her head that I was prejudiced against them.
6 Books like this one point to a more enlightened road: the future depends on us taking it.
7 Each enlightened step you take brings greater waves of light to humanity and through that you also heal the world and enable the ascension of everyone.
8 If we want to foster a more enlightened use of the technology, we have to begin with culture, not with the technology itself.
9 is far more enlightened and liberating to give the project team goals to achieve and to empower them with the flexibility to respond to change.
10 My friend is lucky enough to be enslaved by an enlightened boss.
11 I'm not the Truth, I'm not an expert, enlightened, or whatever - and everything that I say is just the opinion of a guy with a blog Which anybody can start, by the way.
12 With our political system tarnished by expenses fiddling, and the banking system in meltdown, there is one period that provides a blueprint for an enlightened financial system - the middle ages.
13 The question may now be put: Do we live at present in an enlightened age?
14 On this centenary, we celebrate the significant progress that has been achieved through determined advocacy, practical action and enlightened policy making.
15 But meeting a challenge as big as climate change will require more than just enlightened public policy.
16 As investment has gradually spread across European borders, governments have come under fire from foreign shareholders, enlightened businessmen at home and the European Commission in Brussels.
17 But for the enlightened few, the benefits are bountiful.
18 millionaire heard this, he immediately became enlightened! He realized the truth about the things of this world: Today you have them; tomorrow you don't.
19 As the crisis quickens, more enlightened voices struggle to be heard.
20 country is worryingly divided between Yanukovich supporters in the east and south, and those mostly in Kiev and the west who want a more enlightened government.
21 today's dynamic, fast-paced workforce, enlightened companies recognize that employees want an environment that encourages a constant dialogue between employer and employee.
22 In the developed world, we see the enlightened, progressive image the industry presents of itself — green, clean, caring, and intent on making the world a better place.
23 the sword of despots proved to be a safer or surer instrument of reform in government than enlightened reason?
24 It is about old-fashioned ideas of responsibility, but also about a more enlightened understanding of our collective self-interest.
25 A more enlightened Chinese currency policy is at least as important a component of that co-operation as greater probity in US fiscal policy.
26 In one evening of visual and emotional splendor, he educated, enlightened and entertained us all.
27 The larger self, in contrast, is considered to be our best self, our most selfless self-our enlightened self.
28 That might be a suitable place for the pitiable humans remaining to contemplate the errors of our supposedly enlightened civilization.
29 assumption, even from people who think they are enlightened, is that older workers are set in their ways and have a static knowledge set.
30 Enlightened government of the left, combining market economics with effective social policy, would not be a bad thing.