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No. sentence
1 This increased coupling makes your classes more difficult to maintain and enhance; therefore, it should be avoided.
2 Now I have the option to use this data to either enhance my testing or move on.
3 Pairing vitamin E with selenium can enhance its antioxidant abilities, so go ahead and throw some almonds into your cottage cheese (great source of selenium) for a skin-revitalizing snack.
4 Therefore, study how to enhance urban radiation of Chuxiong as regional central city has important theoretical and practical significance.
5 So theresearchers needed a method to enhance cracks—similar to the way human graderssqueeze the egg along the crack to see if it opens.
6 Through focused desire and concentration, however, we can all enhance the abilities we were born with.
7 The basic goal of North Koreas foreign policy is to set the condition to ensure the nations existing right and to enhance and expand the nations existing space.
8 We now feel that the public should be involved in the names and symbols, as this major project will enhance national prestige and strengthen the national sense of cohesion and pride.
9 By starting your testing, debugging, and profiling early in the development cycle, you can enhance the quality, performance, and scalability of your finished code.
10 I am pleased by every opportunity to enhance this reputation.
11 Natural moisturizing ingredients to nourish and enhance hair, antioxidants can help the hair and scalp against free radicals and sun.
12 They may have heated the mammal bones before crushing them, to enhance the extraction of the marrow fat.
13 If star trails are desired, using a large aperture and higher sensitivity (ISO 200-400) can enhance the brightness of each streak.
14 proved to enhance the insecticidal action of the plant aromatic oils, especially that of citron oil.
15 In our country there are lots of fowl and egg shuck. Synthetic using egg shuck and membrane will enhance economy benefit greatly and it will reduce environment pollution.
16 But whether you keep your scripts simple or enhance them, the automation will help you to implement SSL quickly, easily, and consistently.
17 To enhance the illusion, our view into the room is framed by border panels that bear miniature paintings, all of them done separately by noted court artists in their characteristic styles and signed.
18 He also found there is food synergy, in other words, combining foods enhance anti-angiogenesis.
19 Our aim must be to enhance the lives of our customers and citizens, and yet we find ourselves in the midst of an information revolution that is both exciting and unsettling.
20 Our goal -- our goal, in part, is to enhance the communication and understanding that we believe, and I believe you believe, will build trust and confidence.
21 Fourth, we must seek to maintain and enhance flexibility in pursuing the results we seek.
22 beauty of natural patterns of stone or wood, and real crystallized metals may be used to enhance the visual appeal of an interior design.
23 People pasted papercuts on walls, Windows and doors at wedding ceremonies or festivals to enhance the festive atmosphere.
24 of XPS, the nanometer polysilicon and the surfactant can adsorb on the rock surface, change its wettability, and enhance the water relative permeability.
25 Dynamic extensions enhance decoupling by using the OSGi framework for listening when services are available (loaded or unloaded).
26 They will also enhance cooperation on food and product safety and quality.
27 Biotechnology as applied to food processing makes use of microbial inoculants to enhance properties such as the taste, aroma, shelf-life, texture and nutritional value of foods.
28 is a technique to enhance rainfall by introducing particles - often silver iodide crystals - into cloud systems, to help condense water vapor into raindrops.
29 Enhance advertisement grades, beautify the environment, to the city to add a bit of modern color and purification of modern metropolis, the canopy, all coarsening advertising.
30 This entails understanding what we mean by value from the customer's viewpoint: how we explore it, create it, deliver it and finally enhance and evaluate it.