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No. sentence
1 It's an engaging manner that easily deceives.
2 There's a lot of evidence that social learning, engaging, and sharing with others is a far more effective way of learning than simply chasing citations or raw knowledge acquisition.
3 It had seemed an engaging trait, but it can also be a characteristic of autism.
4 People embraced her as if she were going to explain their lives to them, ” recalls Bill Finn, a fellow playwright, in Julie Salamon’s engaging new biography, “Wendy and the Lost Boys”.
5 Try to tell it in a stimulating and engaging manner. Do not bore them, because it may lead to rejection of your worthy proposal.
6 I have a final comment, which is a simple reminder of the importance of educating the public and engaging civil society organizations.
7 Rather than engaging the client (internal or external) to understand the problem being tackled, we simply "do as we're told," and go build the system.
8 I have found my bank at the University of Michigan, and my work as a college professor is engaging and meaningful, once I sought out the advice of wise colleagues and figured out how to do it.
9 Mr Twombly says with an engaging absence of modesty: "I like 90% of my sculptures."
10 Mr Davutoglu is an engaging, bookish character with a formidable knowledge of history.
11 Practices such as having a lively and engaging instructor become more important in this format -- even having a couple of instructors can be useful for making things more interesting.
12 A joke, a compliment, an engaging discussion about the latest film or book - these things add a little light to the lives of those around you.
13 I am perfectly satisfied, from what his manners now are, that he never had any design of engaging my affection.
14 Instead of saying whatever comes to our minds, whenever it comes to mind, instead of engaging in a flurry of digital messages and updates all day long, we should make each word count.
15 No organisations or individuals with a genuine interest in talking to us are excluded or discouraged from contacting and engaging with this department," he said.
16 Thus, the intrinsic value of listening to music or engaging in intellectual thinking does not imply that we should do nothing else but engage in these activities.
17 fire control software, jointly developed by Raytheon and THAAD prime contractor Lockheed Martin, also performed successfully, engaging the target complex and initializing the launch sequence.
18 It would prevent Banks from engaging in risky dealings through their own hedge funds - while finally giving shareholders a say on executive salaries and bonuses.
19 Just like good novels, good TV series have compelling narratives, engaging and interesting characters, clever plot twists, thorny moral dilemmas... they're far from being trash.
20 there's edge-finding, which makes images with definite shapes more engaging than mere blur.
21 He said these lenders should be restricted to commercial banking activities, advocating a policy that existed for decades barring Banks from engaging in investment banking activities.
22 A: Battle number one is engaging the private sector. Private practising physicians contribute to the generation of new cases of MDR-TB because some TB patients are not being treated appropriately.
23 Rhetoric vs. Reality:Closing the Gap”, followed by “Realising the Vision” in 2002 and “Engaging theCustomer” in 2003.
24 Honoring your father by engaging him in relationship can be a challenging enterprise if you've had to overcome painful memories with him.
25 Furthermore he said he had been engaging in online naughtiness with six women for some three years, after his marriage to a close aide of Hillary Clinton as well as before.
26 But the three-judge panel ruled that even if the Banks had "aided and abetted" fraud "by engaging in transactions to make it more plausible", they owed no duty to Enron's shareholders.
27 When the boss has a pet passion, staffers can find themselves engaging in activities they've never tried -- probably because they never wanted to.
28 Our study indicates that engaging in this activity a few minutes daily cuts the risk of stroke and heart attack in half.
29 When a life embodies one or more of these values (or others), and feels engaging to the one who lives it, it is to that extent meaningful.
30 Opposition political parties and civil society groups deny engaging in terrorist activities, and the police have not presented conclusive evidence to substantiate their accusations.