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engaging in a sentence

1. Partial squat before engaging.

2. many called her acting engaging.

3. engaging young generations;

4. It's really quite engaging.

5. By engaging in gossip Mrs.

6. He was an admirable engaging man.

7. gigantic, engaging levels;

8. Eyes are engaging and bright.

9. (2) engaging in academic activities;

10. His style was open and engaging.

11. or engaging in draft tampering.

12. Engaging in Scholarship;

13. engaging larger volunteer groups;

14. and engaging the public.

15. engaging the media;

16. I love engaging.

17. engaging crime-drama".

18. He's a very engaging guy.

19. The sense of realism is engaging."

20. "We are not engaging.

21. It's all surprisingly engaging."

22. both found it engaging and fluid.

23. During the fall and engaging shots.

24. I am engaging MiGs!"

25. engaging with media;

26. the acting is solid and engaging."

27. There are other ways of engaging.

28. But here, it’s engaging and cute.

29. And an engaging one at that."

30. The cogwheels are not engaging.