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No. sentence
1 Tom is engaged to Anne.
2 He engaged her for the position.
3 While most of these encounters were reported as appearing like surveillance, in some instances, the UFOs actively engaged in tampering with missile systems.
4 Just under a fifth dont redeem their points indicating that members are either not engaged with the programme or that redemptions are far to difficult to transact.
5 Yunnan Tourism Investment Group engaged Haisen Institution for the designing and planning of Qujing Kylin Spa Valley Project of Yunnan Province.
6 At present I'm engaged with the revision of my dictionary.
7 He is engaged in doing his French exercises.
8 For years she had been as good as engaged to Jeffrey Penniman, one of the ablest young bachelors in town.
9 That makes Shenzhen more engaged in innovation than Brazil or Russia, but far less than Japan or Israel, and thus more vulnerable to competition.
10 particularly interesting for Dee because he was actively engaged in spirit magic and was an evangelist for the fledgling science of mathematics.
11 Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," duetted with female rapper Peaches and let two fans get engaged onstage.
12 I can usually tell about these qualities from the way the person presents himself or herself and some of the activities they have engaged in.
13 She scolded me for not giving you the news last night at the Opera: I had her orders to tell you that we were engaged — but I couldn't, in that crowd.
14 this unit group supervise and co-ordinate activities of workers engaged in underground and surface mining operations and quarries.
15 He does wholesale business, while his brother is engaged in retail business.
16 Police also said they have arrested around 200 youths who were said to be engaged in military training in Kenya's west.
17 Wikipedia has a big, engaged community that's worked out some practices and tools to make it all work as well as it does.
18 Is the result not just more engaged workers, but in fact better corporate decisions?
19 Europe and the United States want and expect an engaged partner.
20 Prosecutors and police have said they investigated whether the woman engaged in prostitution while employed at the Sofitel and found no evidence of it.
21 they tend to be engaged in stimulating or intellectually challenging activities.
22 But along with the five campuses operated by YES (Youth Engaged in Service), with a very similar philosophy, it is an important part of it.
23 It depends on whether he is engaged in legitimate action.
24 As a lecturer, I have been engaged in English teaching for ten years.
25 But would that cult still rule in a situation as stark as the one we now face, in which one party is clearly engaged in blackmail and the other is dickering over the size of the ransom?
26 But there is no evidence that Gnostics were engaged in anything of the kind.
27 Though they call it farming, what Mr Azzopardi and his competitors are engaged in is actually more like ranching.
28 new novel engaged his attention and interest.
29 She engaged herself to repay her debt within two months.
30 The two cogwheels are engaged.