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engage in a sentence

121. Calves in nurseries engage in playfights.

122. engage in cooperative price advertising;

123. Flocks of birds appear to engage in play;

124. primarily women engage in carpet weaving.

125. Females also engage in same-sex mounting.

126. They were replaced by Killswitch Engage.

127. They often engage in political debates.

128. They engage in hunting animals and birds.

129. They engage in sex before their audience.

130. primarily women engage in carpet weaving.

131. And they engage a great deal with people.

132. They engage in many criminal activities.

133. They did not engage much in trade either.

134. 3/23 was cleared to engage and destroy.

135. engage audiences across cultural lines;

136. The Zero turned to engage from overhead;

137. Miners would also engage in "coyoteing".

138. whenever the Boys engage in a gunfight.

139. Cuming to engage in local philanthropy.

140. Rodomonte and Orlando engage in a duel.

141. Dugan and Mr. Miyagi engage in a fight.

142. They engage Bruno in a high speed chase.

143. Let's all engage in prayer Be in time!

144. We have to intellectually engage kids.

145. Some shoals engage in mobbing behaviour.

146. Don't engage in battle if you can't win.

147. Sid consoles her and they engage in sex.

148. I don’t know if I could engage that.

149. The VPAF did not engage all US sorties.

150. Other assemblies engage in Guangchangwu.