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enforcing in a sentence

1. He was also responsible for enforcing the laws.

2. including "following and enforcing the rules".

3. Sealed storage can be used for DRM enforcing.

4. enacting and enforcing town ordinances;

5. enforcing censorship and gambling laws;

6. Most states let the federals do the enforcing.

7. enforcing a strict gun control policy;

8. enforcing the U.N. blockade;

9. USP has no role in enforcing its standards;

10. By Enforcing a password policy.

11. Those enforcing were called politas.

12. Gediminas asked for help enforcing the treaty.

13. the summons is not self-enforcing.

14. developing and enforcing relevant legislation;

15. The RC/NGO Code is self-enforcing.

16. enforcing legislation related to water;

17. enforcing a strict gun control policy;

18. The National Guard are enforcing martial law.

19. Enforcing the peace.

20. Enforcing peace.

21. Enforcing fish &

22. We are enforcing the blockade with vigor.

23. enforcing court orders;

24. however India survived, enforcing a draw.

25. enforcing environmental legislation.

26. enforcing martial law;

27. Corbet could be zealous in enforcing the law.

28. and enforcing housing and sanitation codes).

29. The German injunction was not self-enforcing;

30. enforcing bus lane rules;