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No. sentence
1 Never refrigerate green bananas; the cold ends the ripening process.
2 Actually, it begins and ends with eye contact, because if she realizes you haven't focused on her eyes for even two consecutive seconds, she'll lose attention before you even say a word.
3 Excess investment is likely to be wasteful investment, which eventually ends up undermining growth while building up nonperforming loans.
4 When it ends the publisher mentions the pictorial nature of the publication and stresses: "This is the only book. There won't be another one.
5 library with a bundled subscription deal cannot make ends meet by dropping a few journals, as it could in the old days.
6 Or what happens in the movie after the movie ends?
7 So, my official relationship with the Congress ends in a feeling — on my part — of gratitude that we have been able to do so much together.
8 On Wall Street dealing desks, profits and losses are evaluated every afternoon when trading ends, and the firms' positions are "marked to market" -valued on the basis of the closing prices.
9 mix a ripe, peeled avocado with a teaspoon of wheat-germ oil and a teaspoon of jojoba oil. Apply it to freshly washed hair, and spread it all the way to the ends.
10 is another view that gives you an idea of the donor and then the swirl of matter, and then it swirls in and ends up here on the neutron star.
11 In a new book, The political Gene: how Darwin's Ideas Changed Politics, he highlights how often - and how easily - Darwin's big idea has been harnessed for sinister political ends.
12 Don't confound the means with the ends.
13 If it ends great, it means both of you want more. If it ends otherwise, the next thing to do is to wave goodbye.
14 histamine ends up making the blood vessels near the bite swell up.This produces a pink, itchy bump where the mosquito poked you.
15 The excellent appetizers and desserts, though, guarantee that the meal begins and ends exactly where you want it.
16 By pushing computers into the background, embodied virtuality will make individuals more aware of the people on the other ends of their computer links.
17 For example, if the hidden magic potion is too far away, perhaps you can alter its location coordinates so that it conveniently ends up on the ground right in front of you!
18 For example, as the film adaptation of the Harry Potter series ends, fans are choosing to dress as the main stars, or even as the evil Death Eaters.
19 Johns ends with an insightful chapter describing how the old battles between property, piracy and privacy are being replayed today.
20 Much of this domestic wine ends up pounded at banquets amid shrieks of gan bei! (literally, "dry glass") alongside beer and rice wine, or else -- horror of horrors -- mixed with Sprite.
21 Mary's face was brown and the sun had bleached the ends of her hair.
22 The decision ends a month of bitter political wrangling in which motor industry bosses shuttled between Detroit and Washington to plead for aid.
23 If your hole ends up being a bit too big and the knots themselves don't hold the yarn in place, then tug on the yarn ends and stick some Popsicle sticks under the main knot to secure in place.
24 When measuring the time for a remote call, for example with trace statements, it is important to know where each part starts and ends, so that the trace statements can be appropriately placed.
25 Notice how separating "the means," "the reason," and "the ends" clarifies the project owner's goals and describes why they want them and how they intend to achieve them.
26 When a love affair ends, the once treasured mementos of lost romance are often consigned to the dustbin or a bonfire.
27 Some ants, when they arrived at the feeding station, had the ends of their legs amputated, to shorten their stride length.
28 Happiness and courage, retribution or justice are secondary ends for them.
29 And then once the project ends, that farmer cannot find the bag on the market.
30 In any peace agreement that ends the conflict, some settlements will end up beyond Israel's borders.