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enables in a sentence

91. Its streamlined body enables it to swim swiftly;

92. This enables different thread pitches to be cut.

93. This enables one type of oil to be used all year.

94. it enables and encourages non-linear development;

95. The M5 enables links to Bristol and the Midlands.

96. SPACE enables recording for the current channel.

97. The quartz wedge or selenite plate enables this.

98. an extension tube simply enables this movement.

99. That tapering enables tricky moves by the rider.

100. This enables C-RAM to be used as a SIMD computer.

101. The lower cost enables use in more applications.

102. It enables trace function like a logic analyzer.

103. The platform enables contact, negotiation &

104. This enables Artificial Nature to invade Virga.

105. This enables bridges to be considerably lighter.

106. Consumerization enables alternative approaches.

107. It enables precise rendering of very thin lines.

108. This enables the cell to undergo enormous growth.

109. There is a special power-up that enables flight.

110. The conference enables fans to mix with authors.

111. A large water tank enables "english style" lawns.

112. This enables incremental and seamless deployment.

113. It enables searching for applications and files.

114. It enables its users to avoid the Envalira Pass.

115. TIPA for ITIL enables to assess these processes.

116. Growing wings and flying enables her to do this.

117. Enables analysis of millions of single cells.

118. She says it enables her interact with her fans.

119. This thus enables us to live our greatest dreams.

120. PMD's CPD: Enables discovering code duplication