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enables in a sentence

1. It enables the pipelining of stores.

2. This enables birding.

3. It enables composition of ĝ etc.

4. For M the light enables fantasy.

5. This enables polymorphism.

6. and the cochlea, which enables hearing.

7. NMIEN enables Non-Maskable Interrupts.

8. This position enables bottom feeding.

9. which enables transmission of text.

10. This movement enables a cycle to form.

11. which enables edits to be made.

12. This enables Bai to slip out of jail.

13. The Lord enables us to row together.

14. and also enables higher speed running.

15. It enables the students to play games.

16. It enables one to travel to Odisha.

17. The Lord enables us to row together.

18. This information enables a network to:

19. this enables slow motion videos.

20. This enables birding.

21. MKB enables system renewability.

22. It enables on-demand carpooling.

23. It enables users to:

24. It enables poverty comparisons.

25. This enables faster loading times.

26. This enables a more compact design.

27. This enables sexual abuse to continue.

28. BharatQR enables faster &

29. The fund enables micro-donations.

30. re-enables preemption .