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No. sentence
1 Tyson, the company's boss, also employs an ordained minister as an executive coach to help him wrestle with ethical questions.
2 This factory employs thousands of people.
3 Most cooking is done with fresh ingredients and frequently employs garlic or chillies with plenty of lime juice, lemon grass, or coriander.
4 Responsibility gives you all the power. You become the boss who employs the resources of an outstanding employee: yourself.
5 This bird employs its beak as a weapon.
6 This employs high-pressure pumps to force the water from brine through a membrane that is impermeable to salt.
7 The programme employs about 40 "lay navigators" who work in the poorest parts of Kentucky helping people figure out what they need and how to get it.
8 The firm USES an adapted version of LCD manufacturing which employs electronic ink and plastic substrates to make its screens.
9 She now employs 10 people, and has big plans to open clinics across the UK and Europe.
10 A microprocessor based builtin test scheme for SOC is proposed, which employs transparency path test access mechanism.
11 Communication Management employs the processes that ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval and ultimate disposition of communications.
12 To cope with its chronic water shortages, India employs electric groundwater pumps, diesel-powered water tankers and coal-fed power plants.
13 The royal destroyer employs lots of loyal employees.
14 restaurant in London employs blind waiters who lead customers to and through the pitch-black dining experience.
15 Near Amboseli, Frank's Living with lions runs a program called lion Guardians, which employs Masai men to keep track of radio-collared lions and warn other Masai to keep their cattle away.
16 Since the government employs one in seven workers, that will mean fewer jobs and cuts in services across the state.
17 Each layer employs the services of the layer underneath, which enables a top layer protocol to transmit messages over the physical network.
18 The niche industry employs tens of thousands of people, many of them in small, family-run workshops.
19 For the UK, he has already indicated that the Toyota plant in Derbyshire, which employs 4, 000 people, will gain production of the hybrid model of the Auris.
20 These cultivators belong to a profession which still employs about half of India's workforce.
21 Maple Leaf Adventures employs a classic wooden schooner to sail into the fjords and among the islands along the central coast of British Columbia.
22 The current state of this practice employs the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as the primary modeling notation.
23 The Wiltshire factory has become a research and design centre; Dyson employs more people than before, and in more highly skilled jobs.
24 The school employs out-of-work teachers with the aim of helping underprivileged children to study, and to contribute to curbing private education costs in Korea.
25 Second, it abundantly employs mythological archetypes, including western myths and African folklores, which endow the words with fabulous meaning.
26 coffee shop employs Ben and Felicity?
27 As well the tutoring system my school employs offers courses uniquely suited to my needs and goals.
28 The military employs more and more drone aircraft to survey the battlefield and strike targets in Afghanistan, although their performance is less impressive than officially portrayed.
29 Ms Wang employs 30 cleaners (10% of her staff) to counter local prejudice that Chinese-owned shops are dirtier than foreign ones.
30 That may be because it employs a higher proportion of economists to lawyers.