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No. sentence
1 Stewardesses on planes should be employed for their ability, not for their looks.
2 The general manager employed her as his private secretary.
3 They are employed by coal, metal and non-metallic mineral mines and quarries.
4 This replaces a system employed under Labour in which schools were inspected for a series of other issues such as equality, community cohesion and healthy eating.
5 It is perhaps surprising to argue that an employed population could be enticed to move, but an explanation lies in the labor conditions then prevalent in the South.
6 The factory employed 400 people, mostly women, to strip the loins from tuna fish, a delicacy then sent fresh or frozen to Japan.
7 Prosecutors and police have said they investigated whether the woman engaged in prostitution while employed at the Sofitel and found no evidence of it.
8 Military sources in Harare said Thursday that the people employed Friday to preside over the elections were security forces dressed in plain clothes.
9 Many hybrids and combinations of the above models can be employed, as well as incremental revenue from other sources.
10 Newcomers sometimes think that their pavilion should represent their nation as if their artists were civil servants employed by the tourist office.
11 With hemp ropes and bamboo cables reaching deep into the ground, they employed cast iron drills to reach the natural gas they used as a fuel to evaporate water from brine to produce salt.
12 I discover in what perfect harmony the old woman behind the cashier's register was with the antique shop.It can very well be a trick employed to attract customers.
13 as then, there is an obsession with the body. The baths and gyms of the classical world employed more people than any other institution except the army.
14 The contract lays the foundation for metering the services to be used, by covering all the attributes of the service customs and how they shall be employed by provider and requestor.
15 In 1968, General Motors, which was founded in Flint, employed 80, 000 employees there.
16 Everybody knows that this will hurt first of all the workers as the main beneficiaries of the capitalistic methods of doing business are the masses of those employed in offices and workshops.
17 Hardware drivers need not know about the methods employed by user modules like JFFS2 and FTL.
18 time, it became an accepted fact the Cox brothers employed a conscientious ghost that did most of their work for them.
19 While I admire his energy, I wish it were employed in a better cause.
20 Indeed, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary recently employed the technique to help home in on the age of another homicide victim.
21 To traverse this data, one needs to be aware of the specific schema employed by the application.
22 If you ask any college graduate who has a job if their college degree helped them become employed, NIA believes the overwhelming majority of college graduates will tell you no.
23 Lose not time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.
24 want of this, much vexation and loss of time is occasioned while seeking vessels in use, or in cleansing those employed by different persons for various purposes.
25 Obviously, these remote calls are costly in terms of performance and therefore typically other mechanisms are employed.
26 And millions of hobbyists will usually come up with more interesting ideas faster than a few thousand professionally employed engineers.
27 aircraft should also be able to detect the counter-measures employed by enemies and intercept their communication signals, the official said.
28 The system has been employed for years by producers as a way to complement their main source of income.
29 XSS techniques are often employed by attackers to sidestep browser safeguards and redirect data to a third-party site for recording.
30 Adaptability is built on retaining the tactics employed not so much by start-up companies as by businesses still based in parents' garages.