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No. sentence
1 Based on years of experience of designing high quality phones, Samsung mobile phones employ an internal antenna design technology that optimizes reception quality for any type of hand-grip use.
2 Learning to recognize and employ this distinction early on will aid you in the future, as we move into increasingly complex diagramming techniques.
3 But if we harness our efforts and employ innovative approaches as these nations are doing, there is no reason that we cannot turn back the tide of this epidemic.
4 are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.
5 Validation is an especially important component of applications that employ and interact with other loosely coupled components, as well as services that may not be strict in their assertions.
6 Unconsciously, we often employ the marginal cost doctrine in our personal lives when we choose between right and wrong.
7 Indonesian farmers sell leftover palm-kernel cake, cocoa-pod husks, corn, grasses and pineapple skins to the feedlots.They also work on them: a single feedlot can employ 700 pairs of hands.
8 Mr Pan complains thatSEPA cannot effectively push through central edicts because it does not directly employ environmental personnel at the local level.
9 since all cloud systems perform under the same general concepts, this technique should be useful to you regardless of which cloud platform (or platforms) you choose to employ.
10 The reality that the company is affronted determines that it is imperial and urgent to employ strategic management.
11 I'll engage for John's behaviour should you decide to employ him.
12 If multiple projects employ the same architectural style, the assumption that issues recur will likely hold.
13 you can employ the structure in Table 3.1 independently of your product backlog tool, for instance, by appropriately arranging paper CARDS on a pin board, whiteboard, or the office wall.
14 grammar system of contemporary Chinese is built up according to greatly adsorb and employ the related content of English grammar.
15 For more complex course development, we employ more iterations because there is often a lack of clarity, and therefore more risk around course requirements, architecture, and content.
16 While most conventional airborne radars rely on some form of mechanically scanned antenna to transmit and receive signals, active electronically scanned array (AESA) sensors employ a fixed aperture.
17 To handle this contradiction, they employ specialists to convince couples to create new “traditions”, such as “heirloom ornaments” for members of the bridal party.
18 To get the best end-to-end throughput, you have to employ various tools to measure performance, identify bottlenecks, and eliminate them or minimize their impact.
19 The SNEP will employ the MPM1000 Net Centric Waveform Satellite Modem to provide Multi-Frequency-Time Division Multiple Access Bandwidth on demand technology for tactical mobile operations.
20 Dynamic analysis works in a way very similar to the one a hacker would employ when attacking an application.
21 Radar sets generally employ large antennas to produce narrow beams in much the same way as a search-light reflector.
22 Why should we employ you?
23 The agent was in the employ of a foreign country.
24 they employ the term, means: plans made by others will prescribe to me what I am to do and how to do it.
25 In the next installment, you will learn how to employ variables and functions efficiently.
26 It's not, but it is a smart-reading tactic that everyone should employ.
27 service payloads could be encoded in SOAP messages; however these ideas are applicable even when the messages employ other encodings.
28 In a practical sense, your business may employ one of many supply chains across your many different lines of business; outsourcing may be appropriate in one area, but not in another.
29 They would also employ more efficient transport systems to improve city performance.
30 But he is sure that some of the family enterprises that supply him employ their offspring.