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No. sentence
1 His breastplate further emphasizes the Greco-Roman union, displaying the Greek goddess Athena standing upon a she-wolf that was a symbol of Rome.
2 Sure, we could just say "This concert is awesome," but the addition of the swear word emphasizes the emotional reaction we have toward it - and easily conveys that emotional reaction to others.
3 Because it emphasizes our intimate and direct connection with the cosmos, it admits the possibility that others are, or have been, or may be, likewise connected.
4 The study emphasizes that turning off and on the aid tap creates an excessive burden on the struggling economies.
5 This article discusses various ways that data gets into your program -- some of which aren't obvious -- and emphasizes how to deal appropriately with them.
6 The carmaker emphasizes that it offers faster promotions, bigger pay raises and even “career coaches” to help young talent ascend the corporate ladder.
7 serious automobile accident emphasizes the need for careful driving.
8 Its a cascade effect and emphasizes cynical thinking and just reinforces the selfish attitude and solitude for an individual.
9 content of the examination overall emphasizes applying "classic" RUP for large projects, which is broadly applicable across much of the software development industry.
10 He emphasizes the advantages of "race neutral" programs.
11 contrary, he emphasizes, it is only because the wickedness of the Canaanites is so great that the Lord has to drive them from his land, and now he is giving you a chance.
12 Thee story not only caters to everyones inward yearning for success, but also emphasizes the inseparability of the process and the result.
13 The War on ego emphasizes that you don't have to identify yourself with your ego. You can instead choose to identify yourself as a spiritual being having a temporary human experience.
14 This style emphasizes the importance of team work, and creates harmony in a group by connecting people to each other.
15 This society emphasizes too much harmony, so the way they do that is by heavy-handed control - they try to put everything down and sweep it under the rug without solving problems.
16 The final point above further emphasizes the need to establish a solid set of generally applicable project management first principles, such as those described in this article.
17 It also emphasizes quality by recommending early and frequent evaluation of the running system.
18 Updating catalog statistics, which emphasizes the importance of collecting and maintaining up-to-date database statistics, the lack of which is often the source of many of the performance problems.
19 But he emphasizes the sister, right?
20 Emphasizes trust and the value of feedback.
21 The other approach, on the contrary, emphasizes functionality.
22 This society emphasizes stability.
23 This article first discusses the expected behaviour on the client when the server throws various exceptions, and then emphasizes the use of checked exceptions.
24 As Posner emphasizes, it is very difficult to estimate with any precision what is the actual probability of highly infrequent events, and such a leak would fall within this class.
25 The first one shows how quickly stacks process requests with little data, and the second emphasizes the speed of processing data volumes.
26 Much of the research around effective software development emphasizes the importance of understanding the requirements.
27 Most appropriately, the strategy emphasizes the importance of adequate regulatory frameworks for ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of traditional medicines and practices.
28 This emphasizes the collaborative nature of software engineering, because many tasks require that people with different skills, backgrounds, and stakes work together.
29 The remainder of this section outlines how these business capabilities work together and emphasizes the impact of these capabilities on your supply chain.
30 Watch for things the instructor emphasizes, even if just in words.