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No. sentence
1 He emphasises the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns: "If you emphasise profit-orientation, what you are really doing is giving a local licence to individual greed."
2 Even the fact that such an infection might itself be the result of synthetic biology only emphasises the biological nature of future risks.
3 An American celebrity campaign, entitled "f — famine", emphasises that famines are man-made.
4 Mr Poltrack has devised an alternative way of classifying viewers that emphasises tastes and attitudes to media (for example as “sports enthusiasts” or “surfers and streamers”) rather than age.
5 This history emphasises that the capitalism upon which Western wealth was built was not particularly laissez-faire.
6 This is where the two diagnoses collide. One emphasises conditions as the only way to confidence.
7 faeces and the researchers say it emphasises the need to wash your hands with soap, especially after going to the toilet.
8 Mr Moser emphasises Lispector’s debt to Hermann Hesse’s “Steppenwolf”, who is part divine and part diabolical, and to Baruch Spinoza, who saw God as having an amoral, indifferent nature.
9 more hair-shirt sort of environmentalism emphasises the idea of moving away from fossil-fuel use (though not, heaven forfend, towards nuclear power).
10 Because Buddha and Jesus emphasise effort and Chuang Tzu emphasises effortlessness.
11 The use of distance emphasises the artificiality of artistic creation, the insurmountable barrier that separates art from life.
12 He emphasises the need for organisation and strategic thinking, offering practical advice about how to convert ideas into actions.
13 Its discovery just emphasises how little we actually know, and it raises the possibility that there are even smaller ones out there," said Longrich.
14 The same biography emphasises his involvement with military and defence-industry committees during his rise through the ranks.
15 This is why Ms Petersilia emphasises another policy, agreed during last year’s budget deal.
16 It emphasises it is but one version of the universal curriculum.
17 Social science, even when it emphasises the "science" over the "social", can only achieve so much.
18 Application of OMRON CPM1A series PLC in solar water heater automatic control system is mainly introduced, emphasises on the system hardware constitution and the system software design process.
19 Addressing the nation from the Blue Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty emphasises the importance of reflection as the year draws to an end.
20 A slightly sweet, VERY strong martini variant that emphasises the fruit flavors of cognac, contrasting them with orange and pineapple flavors.
21 Moreover, it also emphasises the function of tourism which helps to produce the new global orders.
22 This article emphasises on researches on the MB-OFDM ultra-wide band system and multiple access technology.
23 traditional theory sets productivity at an action of human being to conquest the nature, which emphasises people's obtaining toward nature and despises nature's restraint toward people .
24 paradox of these uninhabited spaces, which have no function or meaning and are often devoid of human occupation, "emphasises the humanity of the countryside".
25 It emphasises strict discipline, strenuous training, hard work and a vigorous routine.
26 This paper mainly introduces the recent development of transient measurement techniques in exhaust emissions from engines oversea and domestic, emphasises on experimental equipment and methods.
27 That emphasises something that oncologists have long believed, namely that almost every individual case of cancer-not merely every type of cancer-is likely to be different.
28 The bank emphasises the individual nature of portfolio construction according to the needs of a client and encourages clients to participate in what goes into the portfolio.
29 To attract viewers from the "millennial" generation, MTV has replaced the glamour-driven programmes of the past with grittier ones such as "Teen Mom", which emphasises family and responsibility.
30 It also emphasises the calculating method for the radius curvature of the round ladder and discusses the problem of rectifying the form of round ladder in prefabrication.