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No. sentence
1 It is illegal to discriminate against HIV carriers, but to emphasise the point Berbatov and Carrick take part in a game where each teenager has a sticker placed on their forehead.
2 He emphasises the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns: "If you emphasise profit-orientation, what you are really doing is giving a local licence to individual greed."
3 government aims to emphasise a legal distinction between users and producers, as part of a plan to clamp down on the country’s growing reputation as a narcotics factory.
4 Citigroup is shrinking back to its core business of international banking, and bank of America's new boss has tried to emphasise its global credentials more.
5 positive, which I should emphasise in hopes of inflating the value of my family's paintings and saving them from the chopper, is the thrill you get from some art.
6 But they emphasise the fragility of recovery and, in particular, the huge private sector financial surpluses.
7 In their sixth week at Sandhurst, for example, military cadets are sent on a 36-hour March round the Welsh mountains to emphasise the crucial importance of teamwork in completing command tasks.
8 WHEN companies want to emphasise a turnaround in their prospects they paint the past in a dark light so that the future can only appear brighter.
9 We coined the term National Competition Policy both to emphasise that we needed policies about where and how competition could be better used, and to emphasise that those policies should be national.
10 is important to ensure that all faculty members are aware of the benefits to which they are entitled, so we began a campaign to emphasise these policies in recruitment and retention.
11 Most emphasise how trustworthy they are, a crucial point in a country where, if you don't write “This house is not for sale” on your house, someone may sell it while you are away.
12 state requires only that public schools emphasise abstinence, not that they forsake all other approaches.
13 Second, I emphasise that bank runs come in many forms and bank runs can occur even when individual depositors are insured.
14 We also emphasise the need to jointly curb the spread of terrorist and extremist ideologies; and promote interreligious and interethnic tolerance, dialogue and understanding.
15 Casual furniture helps to emphasise the relaxed feel of the living area, with upholstered armchairs surrounding a lowered dining table.
16 initiative, a scheme under which the United States has offered Mexico modest anti-drug aid, has been extended and tweaked to emphasise strengthening institutions, such as the judiciary.
17 The Fed calls its policy "credit easing" to emphasise that, though its policy rate is almost zero, it is using different channels to ease credit and boost spending.
18 he will need to emphasise that he is prepared to undo some of the savage cost-cutting undertaken during Mr Hurd's reign, which dented the company's innovation engine and sapped its morale.
19 Amazon is redesigning its website to emphasise digital products (it now sells more e-books than paper ones) and to accommodate tablet-computer users.
20 If you want to emphasise something, for instance, if something was too much, you can use too / too before the adjective, e.g.
21 not to emphasise or elongate any individual words, when said singularly or in sentences. 'Run' words together smoothly.
22 Increase the contrast using the Curves to emphasise the highlights and creased lines.
23 Tall and athletic: Ostrich plumes and pompoms emphasise height.
24 To draw attention away from your midriff, opt for plunging tops or those with plenty of detail to distract. You can also emphasise your top half with jewellery or a hat.
25 Many emphasise that while Collinses really should be stirred, Fizzes must be shaken.
26 Some suggested a sort of descendant of the iPad offering an interface between car and passengers, an idea that seemed to emphasise the way in which the vehicles would feel like blank slates.
27 Just to emphasise her point, Malia later donned a differently coloured T-shirt with the same symbol.
28 I've concluded that geoengineering research - and I emphasise the term research - is, sadly, necessary.
29 Because Buddha and Jesus emphasise effort and Chuang Tzu emphasises effortlessness.
30 Meanwhile Mr Ozawa is promising rural voters even more goodies than the ldp-which is perhaps why it does not emphasise decentralisation more.